What’s New In Television On Netflix This Week — ‘Hemlock Grove’ Season Two

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Early notices on Netflix's 'Hemlock Grove' are in, and they are not good.


Brain-Damaged Kids And Werewolves: 5 Netflix Developments You Need To Know About Today

By | 23 Comments

On the same day it surpassed HBO in total subscribers, Netflix rolled out a new family plan.


NSFW Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Hemlock Grove’ Involves ‘Lesbian Necrophilia, Violent Hemorrhaging’

By | 10 Comments

Check out the trailer for Netflix's "Hemlock Grove," their next original series.


‘Hemlock Grave’ Trailer: Prepare To Lose Another Weekend To A Netflix Marathon

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Check out the first poster for 'Hemlock Grove,' as well as the trailer for the new Netflix original series.

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