Getting Beaten Up By Al Pacino, And 9 Other Times Henry Rollins Thrived As A Serious Actor

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From Black Flag to the 'Jackass: The Movie', Henry Rollins's career is legion. He was also punched in the face by Al Pacino in 'Heat'.


Frotcast 218: The Sopranos Ending, Joe Sinclitico’s Movie Pitches

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Joe Sinclitico has a bone to pick about Chinese automatic sperm extractors, and Scott Stapp from Creed sings a song about baseball.


Henry Rollins Has Apologized For His Comments On Robin Williams And Suicide

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Henry Rollins faced a lot of criticism for his LA Weekly column on suicide and Robin Williams, but now he's apologizing.

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Henry Rollins Wrote A Confusing Rant About Robin Williams, Depression And Suicide

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The generally outspoken Henry Rollins wrote a blog about Robin Williams, depression and suicide that makes very little sense.


Wish Danzig A Happy Birthday With A Preview Of ‘Henry And Glenn Forever And Ever’

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Here's a preview from 'Henry And Glenn Forever And Ever', the comic compilation about Glen Danzig and Henry Rollins' domestic partnership.


Check Out The X-Pistols, An Artistic Mashup Of Punk Rock X-Men

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We've seen dictators mashed up with super villains, new wave mashed up with the Justice League and now punk rock is mashing with The X-Men.


Henry Rollins’s 20 Favorite Punk Albums Should Be Your 20 Favorite Punk Albums

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SHOCK: Henry Rollins has very good taste when it comes to punk albums.


The Collected Wisdom Of Henry Rollins

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Want to live life Henry Rollins? Here's how, with advice from the man himself.


It’s Lance Armstrong’s Oprah Interview Mixed And Mashed Into Radiohead’s ‘Creep’


I’m more affected by the fact that Radiohead’s “Creep” is old enough to drink than I am by anything that Lance Armstrong says lately, which is why I only watched the former 7-time Tour de France champion’s interview with Oprah Winfrey so I could burn a few thousand calories by practicing my eye roll exercises.

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Guess Which ‘Venture Bros.’ Voice Actor Gets His Ass Kicked By Henry Rollins In Dinosaur Jr.’s New Video

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Check out the music video for Dinosaur Jr.'s "Pierce the Morning Rain," with Henry Rollins, Maria Bamford, and "Venture Bros." star James Urbaniak.


Morning Links Will Make You Bust A Nut

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Oh, sorry, the Kate Upton Sports Illustrated cover story is AFTER the Morning Links, this is a guy literally busting nuts.


Henry Rollins’ awesome letter to Chris Farley from 1995

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Okay, I'm going to level with you folks, this headline was slightly misleading.

Young Jeezy

9.30 The Cooler

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Holly Madison Insures Breasts For $1 Million [Yahoo] How Miles Davis Used To Get Down [Daily Swarm] Jay-Z Working with Adidas On Brooklyn Nets Uniform Design [Broken Cool] Meme Watch: Helpful Tyler Durden [Uproxx] Young Jeezy Celebrates Birthday With Chris Brown’s Ex [Necole Bitchie] What [...].


New Show: Henry Rollins & Snakes


When I interviewed Henry Rollins last December, one of his upcoming projects was a Nat Geo Wild special called "Snake Underworld" in which he watched a Midwestern man inject 5 cc's of deadly black mamba venom into his own wrist in order to build antibodies.


The WG Interview: Henry Rollins

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Henry Rollins came to television in an unusual manner: the former Black Flag frontman appeared on MTV's "Alternative Nation" and "MTV Sports" in the early '90s while he was still the lead singer of Rollins Band.


Watching Cinderella Backwards & Morning Links

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[via WarmingGlow] MORNING LINKS Today in blowing up stuff more efficiently.


Henry Rollins Vs. Hipsters

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Henry Rollins is not the sort of person to be trifled with.

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