Watch This Classic April Fools Joke Henry Winkler Pulled Over On ‘Hollywood Squares’ Host Tom Bergeron

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Back in 2003, Henry Winkler planted fake contestants on 'Hollywood Squares,' and their ensuing argument wreaked havoc on host Tom Bergeron.


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Here Comes The Boom’

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I’ve been tossing this 73 Sports Movies in 73 Days installment back and forth in my brain for a few weeks, since I decided to leave Here Comes the Boom on in the background while restocking my origami shop on Etsy, and I didn’t really want to write about this movie – or have to watch it the whole way through again – because Happy Madison movies do awful things to my anger levels.


Worlds Collide! 10 Well-Known Television Actors Who Have Directed Lousy, Forgettable Feature Films

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You may love them on the small screen, but they don't belong behind the camera.


Important Parks And Recreation News: Jean-Ralphio’s Dad Will Be Played By Henry Winkler

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NBC's Parks and Recreation adds a little more star power with Henry Winkler playing Jean-Ralphio Saperstein's father in Season 6.


Henry Winkler's Free iPod Nanos


The world's most annoying pop-up ads have left Henry Winkler with a warehouse full of iPod nanos.


Fonz Cat Gives a Thumbs-Up

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Eyyyyyy, this cat has polydactyly, which allows it to give a thumbs-up.

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