Watch Herm Edwards React To Learning That Jameis Winston Stole Crab Legs


ESPN analyst Herm Edwards was both surprised and amused that today's big Jameis Winston scandal involves stolen crab legs.

Shaquille O'Neal

The 10 Best Press Conferences In Sports History

I'm partial to Allen Iverson's 10-year-old "practice" press conference moment as the best ever as an NBA fan — but I'm not blinded by the hardwood to know it's but one of the stars in the press conference's stellar history.

xmas ape

You Are Causing Us All Great Herm


Anyone who watches NFL Live on ESPN deserves every bit of the wanton retardery they get in return, whether it's the unremitting Merril Hoge "factor back gutting it out for the football gods" talk or the fact that the show would confront something like Dez Bryant having to foot a huge restaurant tab for his teammates and pretend like it's not a situation that happens to rookies in the league every single year.

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