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Political Kombat ’12


Mitt Romney does battle with Herman Cain and Rick Santorum in the first episode of Slate's new animated series, which tells the story of the 2012 presidential election through Mortal Kombat-style video game fights.


Herman Cain Was On The Daily Show Last Night…You’re Welcome, America

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Want to know the best thing to come out of the Republican National Convention.


Jon Stewart Asks: Why Doesn’t Anyone Want To Be Mitt Romney’s Running Mate?

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Now that oft-malfunctioning robot Mitt Romney has effectively fended off the various insane people who were running against him for the Republican presidential nomination, attention has turned to the burning question every presidential candidate faces once he or she reaches the plateau Romney now finds himself on: who will be chosen to be the running mate.


Herman Cain Is Still Running Batsh*t Political Ads On The Internet For Some Reason

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I'm not sure what Herman Cain has been up to since a cavalcade of women he'd boned or tried to bone came forward to torpedo his comical presidential campaign, but it looks like he's back, baby.


1.30 The Cooler

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Chloe Mortaud Herman Cain Endorses Newt Gingrich [Politico] Call Your Bookies: Breaking Down Super Bowl XLVI’s Prop Bets [With Leather] 'The Help' Wins Big At SAG Awards [MTV] Trade Whatever You've Got for Whatever You Want with the Swap-O-Matic [Gizmodo] A$AP Rocky Talks Working With [...].


Colbert And His ‘Spastic Colon’ Bow Out Of The GOP Presidential Race

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Last night on his show, Stephen Colbert announced "with a heavy heart and a spastic colon" that he was ending his "campaign" for the Republican presidential nomination after he and Herman Cain pulled in 1% of the vote in South Carolina over the weekend -- good enough for 5th place in the state.


Jon Stewart Hires Mario Battali To Be His Personal Chef With Colbert’s Super PAC Money


Last night on the Daily Show Jon Stewart shared some insight into how his daily life has changed since he took over operations of the super PAC started by Stephen Colbert: In addition to running ads accusing Mitt Romney of being a serial killer, Stewart has taken to wearing a jeweled crown allegedly once owned by Elizabeth Taylor, along with bringing in Mario Batalli to be his personal chef.


The 2011 UPROXX People Of The Year Awards

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As the icons of journalistic integrity at People magazine have taught us, limiting an annual award to just one person can be a dangerous task.

Suelyn Medeiros

2011: The Year Sex Jumped The Shark

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America enjoys going through and celebrating its periodical "sexual revolutions.

tim tebow

12.7 The Cooler

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Wankaego Football Fans Get A Chance To Buy Green Bay Packers Stock [USA Today] How to Make a Citizen’s Arrest [The Art of Manliness] The 10 Television Actresses You Were Most Likely to See Naked in 2011 [Warming Glow] Job Interview Dos and [...].


The Daily Show Gives Herman Cain The Pokémon Sendoff He Deserves

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As you may have heard, former crap pizza peddler and straight-up pimp Herman Cain mercifully "suspended" his hilarious circus of presidential campaign on Saturday.


12.5 The Cooler

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Herman Cain’s Most Embarrassing Gaffes [News One] Facebooking Juror Kicked Off Murder Trial [MSNBC] Twitteranti Starring Phonte [GFM] Woman Sues Khloe Kardashian for Supposed Assault [Yahoo] Man Jailed After Trying to Rob Closed Bank [Blippitt] Sleigh Bells Tease 'Heavy' Sophomore Album [Billboard] Verizon Strikes Cable Deal [...].


Herman Cain Quotes Pokémon, Quits Presidental Race

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Herman Cain's Presidential journey came to a screeching halt earlier today, as the one-time GOP frontrunner announced that he'd be indefinitely suspending his campaign.

women for cain

‘Women For Cain’ Is Sad, Hilarious

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FYI, you guys, there's a hot new comedy website out there.


12.1 The Cooler

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Chi Chi Bonita Former NBA Player Spud Webb to Coach a Team of Strippers [Slam] The 25 Least Influential People Alive [GQ] Pitbull, 'Diddy' & Other Rappers Step Up Alcohol Endorsements [LAT] Herman Cain Accuser Stands By Claim Of Longtime Affair [News One] The 10 Types of Men's Style Bloggers [Complex] B.


The Daily Show Mocks Herman Cain’s Tragic Inability To Keep It In His Pants


If you are, like me, a fan of the the Daily Show, then you probably thought "I can't wait to see what Jon Stewart does with this" the minute you heard that Herman Cain was involved in yet ANOTHER sex scandal, this time the revelation of a 13-year affair.


11.30 The Cooler

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Jolyne What Do the Penn State and Syracuse Sex Abuse Cases Have In Common.


Herman Cain Is Literally A Cartoon Character

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Earlier today, Herman Cain backed out of a newspaper interview essentially because the reporters interviewing him refused to not record the nonsensical things that would most assuredly come out of his mouth.


Herman Cain May Or May Not Have A Clue About What Happened In Libya

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If a Tyler Perry movie ran for President, it would look like Herman Cain.

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