NBC Decides That Bringing Back ‘Heroes’ Is The Idea That Will Save Their Network

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NBC canceled 'Heroes' in 2010 after a promising start was muddled by the WGA writer's strike. Now the network aims to try again with a new miniseries event.


A Russian Athlete Put His Phone Number On His Helmet And All The Nude Pics Ensued

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Hundreds of female fans texted Russia's Alexey Sobolev nude pics after the Olympic snowboarder put his phone number on his helmet.


Jesse Palmer Saved Chris Fowler's Life At The Pinstripe Bowl, No Big Deal

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ESPN's Chris Fowler Tweeted that Jesse Palmer saved him with the Heimlich maneuver when he began choking on a chicken sandwich at the Pinstripe Bowl.


A 61 Year-Old Blind Man Will Be Able To Keep The Heroic Dog That Saved His Life, Thanks To The Internet

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Cecil Williams nearly died after falling from a subway platform. Then he nearly lost the heroic dog that saved his life.

local news

Watch A Furious Mace-Spraying Woman Attack A Local News Crew

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Do not mess with this woman with mace, especially if you're a TV news crew.

TED talks

This Prank TED Talk Is The King Of All The TED Talks

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"Great ideas come in all shapes and sizes...September 11th...look at what they accomplished with no weapons and just 11 guys who didn’t even speak English?"


Right In The Feels: Batman And Captain America Rescued A Cat From A Burning Building

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An electrical fire in a house in Milton, West Virginia, was a little less tragic this week when Batman and Captain America rescued a cat.


A True American Hero Has Been Attributing Hitler, Stalin & Bin Laden Quotes To Taylor Swift On Pinterest

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Emily Pattinson, you're my new hero for creating this Pinterest page laying Hitler quotes over Taylor Swift pics.


Hayden Panettiere Discusses Her Weird Heavy Boyfriend With Letterman

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Hayden Panettiere's giant boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko launched the couple off of their jetski on a recent vacation. Gadzooks!

temar boggs

Teen Boy Rescues Abducted Little Girl, Is The Hero America Needs Right Now

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America needs a hero to help it heal right now. Maybe that hero is Temar Boggs?


John Malkovich Saved A Man’s Life In Toronto

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If you thought that Canada had the world’s best health system before this weekend, it apparently just got a lot better.


Quick-Thinking Russian Man Saves Dog From Elevator Death


A fast-thinking Russian man saves a little dog from what could have been a nasty incident.


Oklahoma Tornado Rescue Volunteers Can Wear Whatever They Want

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A CNN reporter interviewed a rescue volunteer in Oklahoma after today's devastating tornado, and his shirt caught more attention than his noble efforts.


Real Life Heroes


A compilation of people going out of their way to do heroic things, many of them saving lives with no time to spare.


Leave Charles Ramsey Alone

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Charles Ramsey has a criminal record. So what?!


Dead Giveaway (Charles Ramsey Autotune Remix)


Charles Ramsey, the hilarious hero that helped rescue three missing Cleveland women, gets the catchy autotune remix he deserves.


Man Helps Rescue Missing Women, Gives Amazing Interview


After helping rescue three women who went missing way back in 2002, Charles Ramsey gives one of the most entertaining news interviews you'll ever see.


A Race Car Driver Was Saved From A Fiery Crash By A Man In A Nickelback Shirt


It was a scary scene for one driver and racing fans during a recent event at the Boone Speedway in Boone, Iowa.

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