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Charles Ramsey

Man Helps Rescue Missing Women, Gives Amazing Interview


After helping rescue three women who went missing way back in 2002, <a href="">Charles Ramsey</a> gives one of the most entertaining news interviews you'll ever see.


A Race Car Driver Was Saved From A Fiery Crash By A Man In A Nickelback Shirt


It was a scary scene for one driver and racing fans during a recent event at the Boone Speedway in Boone, Iowa.


Police Officer Saves Suicidal Man in Colombia


A distraught man at a Medellin train station tries to jump in front of an oncoming train, but his attempt is thwarted at the very last moment by a fast-acting police officer.


MSN Is Considering Reviving NBC’s ‘Heroes’

By | 18 Comments

MSN is in talks to revive NBC's "Heroes" and put it on XBox.

fred rogers

Here’s A Particularly Wonderful Mr. Rogers Story To Warm Your Cold, Dark Heart

By | 15 Comments

If you had any doubt that Mr. Rogers was one of the greatest men who ever lived, allow us to erase them.


Chrissy Teigen Flagrantly Defies Social Media Rules, Posts Naked Pic Of Herself To Twitter & Instagram

By | 22 Comments

Chrissy Teigen don't care about your rules, Instagram. She'll post naked photos when she wants to.


Russian Fishermen Rescue Stranded Dog


A dog stranded on a small piece of floating ice is saved by some brave and kind-hearted fishermen.


Mail Carrier Pulls Unconscious Dog From Burning House And Gives It CPR, Is America’s Greatest Hero

By | 5 Comments

A Pennsylvania mail carrier named Jo Amerson pulled an unconscious dog from a burning house and brought it back to life with CPR. What have you done today?


Cory Booker Still Hasn’t Convinced Us That He’s Not Batman

By | 10 Comments

It's been a while since real life superhero and Mayor of Newark Cory Booker has done something heroic. Well, he fixed that.


Our Hero: The Guy Who Secretly Outsourced His Own Job To China So He Could Watch Cat Videos

By | 9 Comments

In a daring act of laziness, a man outsourced his job to China and paid his contractors 20% of his paycheck. Guess what he did with that free time.


Fireman Thwarts Suicide Attempt With Ninja Move


A fireman risks his life to save a young woman trying to jump to her death.

chris brown

Chris Brown's New Album Comes With An Appropriate Warning Label In The UK

By | 3 Comments

Awful neck-tattooed comic book villain Chris Brown has a new album out, in case you didn't know, and some anonymous hero in the UK is going around slapping a warning label on the CD version of the album.


Randy Travis Is Doing Great, So Ignore That Flipped Truck By The Walmart


In light of the most recent Randy Travis update, we'll have to rethink our wish to party with him. We may not be ready for this jelly.


Man With No Legs Does Push-Ups


Nick Vogt lost both his legs during an IED attack in 2011 in Afghanistan.


Where Do We Sign Up To Party With Randy Travis?

By | 3 Comments

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how a country music artist earns street cred.

giant dongs

Here’s Nick Offerman Sporting A Giant Foam Penis In Case You Needed Another Reason To Love Him

By | 10 Comments

Nick Offerman did something early in his career in an attempt to get people in the entertainment industry to view him as something other than, well, Ron Swanson types. Hint: it involves a headshot and giant foam penis. Oh, and there's a pic, and it's incredible.


Fred Willard Discussed His Arrest For Porno Theater Jerking With Jimmy Fallon Last Night

By | 14 Comments

When I heard that Fred Willard would be a guest on Jimmy Fallon's show last night, I set my DVR immediately. I mean, what sort of monster wouldn't.


The Best Of Sherdog’s ‘If Mark Wahlberg Was There…’ Thread


As you may recall, a few days ago Mark Wahlberg let the world know that if he happened to have been on one of those planes that crashed on 9/11, things would have gone down much differently -- as in <a href="">he would have single-handedly thwarted the terrorists and their dastardly plot</a> to destroy America.


Creepy Got Milk? Ads Throughout the Years

By | 30 Comments

Here's something I learned today: Got Milk.


WWII Veterans Give ‘Hawaii Five-0′ Crew The Finger, Continue To Be Greatest Generation

By | 11 Comments

To honor the 70th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, a group of 24 World War II veterans associated with a Denver-based group called The Greatest Generation Foundation went to Hawaii recently to pay their respects.

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