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Skyrim 2012 – Part Two: Stealing Cats and Taking Names


The last we heard from <a href="">John & Justin Grosjean</a>, the brothers were busy Skyrimming (yes, that is now a verb) their way through the <a href="">local convenience store</a>.

Grosjean Brothers Productions

Skyrim 2012: Fast Traveling to the Convenience Store


For brothers John & Justin Grosjean, experiencing the adventures of Skyrim doesn't just mean battling dragons out in the middle of the damn woods.


Boogie Down in “Old Republic”, Cancel Attacks


We've been playing "Star Wars: The Old Republic" off and on, mostly because we're trying to pull together enough of a sense of it for a review.

hey at least it's not another skyrim glitch

Old Grandma Hardcore Returns to Play Skyrim

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Good news today: everyone's favorite gaming elder, <a href="">Old Grandma Hardcore</a>, has returned to the limelight.

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