The High School Basketball Fire Dunk, Another Great Idea From Florida

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When I was in high school, our basketball games and assemblies began with our principal delivering a dry speech about school spirit and sportsmanship, followed by our sub-par cheerleaders making vague "woo" gestures while a bunch of gangly jerks tried to dribble from the entrance to center-court without losing it or hurting themselves.


High School Girl Hits Amazing Basketball Shot


Anna Olson sinks a one-handed full-court shot -- off a bounce.


When Tributes To LeBron James Go Wrong


Last week, a group of students from California’s Woodcreek High School decided it would be a totally radical and boss idea to pay tribute to Miami Heat superstar LeBron James before their team’s big game against rival Roseville High.


Incredible High School Basketball Shot


Mo Evans of Cathedral High hits a three-quarter-court buzzer-beater thanks to a lucky bounce.


Meet Gabrielle Gary, Mistress Of The Turnaround Out-Of-Bounds Hook-shot 3-Pointer

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We don't cover women's basketball a lot at With Leather -- even when we approach it professionally, it opens to the door for way too many PRETTY GOOD BASKETBALL PLAYING FROM THE KITCHEN comments, which are more or less the asshole of popular opinion -- but this is too good not to share.

BEST OF 2012

The Best High School Basketball Dunks And Plays Of Last Year, Because Why Not?

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Here are the best high school basketball dunks and plays of the year.

alex rodriguez

Sports On TV: Glee’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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I've prepared separate intro blurbs, depending on who you are.


Nerlens Noel Dunk Nearly Kills Child, Nerlens Noel, Every Kentucky Fan In The Country

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Nerlens Noel is a 6-foot-10 18-year old from Everett High School in Massachusetts, rated as the #1 player in the class of 2012 by ESPN, poised to be the heir apparent to Anthony Davis at the University of Kentucky.


Sports On TV: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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On the last installment of Sports On TV, we tackled <a href="" target="_blank">'The Wire'</a>, a romanticized look at inner-city life and law in Baltimore, Maryland.


And Now With Further Commentary On Sexual Abuse, Here's Taiwanese Animation


There's nothing Taiwan loves more than an American high school sex scandal.


Full Court Alley-Oop Buzzer Beater: Suddenly Every Play In The Clippers Playbook


Full court alleys-oop <a href="" target="_blank">happen from time to time</a>, but as a buzzer beater.


Let’s Hope Rob Gronkowski’s Ankle Injury Doesn’t Keep Him From Dunking


Like most people, I watch the Super Bowl for the slam dunks.


Don’t Worry, The Future Of The NBA Is Modest


Justise Winslow is currently only a sophomore at St.


You Ever Notice How White Athletes Say The Craziest Things When They Warm Up?


It seems like only yesterday the worst thing we had to worry about when it came to high school basketball was a couple kids <a href="">racing to avoid the ookie cookie</a>.


Well This Is Pretty Darn Disgusting News

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At least seven Andover, Massachusetts high school basketball players have been punished for what can only be described as one sticky hazing situation.


HS Basketball Ref Tosses Player, Player Responds In Kind

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I don't watch a lot of high school basketball, but if they start tossing referees around like they do in southwestern Florida, I might start tuning in.


High School Coach Is Terrible Mentor

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Tyrone Farrar was just your average high school basketball coach/security guard, with a loving wife and his 14-year old mistress.

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