Your Heart Might Explode Watching This High School Football Waterboy With Down Syndrome Score A Touchdown

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A Wisconsin high school senior with Down Syndrome ran in a touchdown in the final play of a game. Beautiful stuff.


And Now, The Most Ridiculously Lucky Pass In The History Of Football

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Behold the most lucky pass in the history of football as a high school QB throws the ball backwards over his head as he's being tackled and finds his man.


‘And That’s Why You Always Down The Ball.’ (Part 2)

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A high school football team blocks a field goal and celebrates, forgets to down the ball and learns a valuable lesson about sportsmanship and execution.


16-Year Old Shae Stelly Has Muscular Dystrophy & Scored As Many TDs This Week As Arian Foster

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Shae Stelly, a 16-year old with muscular dystrophy, ran in a touchdown for his high school team this week.


Meet The 335-Pound Cheerleader Being Looked At College Football Recruiters

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I'd like to know the first thing that popped into your brain when you read "335-pound cheerleader.


With Leather’s Watch This: Be Careful Out There, Guys Who Wear Hilarious Costumes

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Another gem from our stellar UPROXX video collection, this video shows us a gentleman named Banana Man, who turns this little strip of water and rocks into his very own Slip N Slide.


Important News: Eagles Number One Woo


As the title mentions, KHQ sports anchor Sam Adams -- no stranger to drunk people, I guess -- got kissed on live television.


15 Super Famous Actors Who You May Not Have Known Played Football

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On Tuesday night, UPROXX’s beloved clown prince and star of Community, Joel McHale, stopped by Conan to discuss how NBC might eventually air the final season of Community, as well as his brief and underwhelming stint on Sons of Anarchy.


Do You Believe In Localized High School Football Miracles? YEARGHHHH

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Here at With Leather, the Illinois state football playoffs are the most important thing in the world.


If This Snap Interception Ends Up In A Cell Phone Commercial, I Swear To God

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What you're about to watch happened (allegedly) during a football game between two Kansas high schools -- Dodge City and Garden City.


Teenagers Won't Stop Kicking Footballs Spectacularly


Following in the footsteps of the 8th grader who kicked a 63-yard field goal in practice and a high-schooler connecting from 67 yards out in a game is this clip of a Florida teen punting a football as well as you'll ever see it punted.


Bro Wanders On To High School Football Field, Begs To Be Pummeled, Promptly Is

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Last Friday night, 9-0 Placer high school of Auburn, California defeated 4-5 Colfax 24-7 in a much-hyped revenge game, and that’s fun because, Yay sports.


High School RB Goes Full Jerome Simpson

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This clip, courtesy of Cameron Smith over at Prep Rally, features a high school running back getting flipped, landing on his feet and running it on for a touchdown.


High School Running Back Flips Over Defender


Maybe the best football play of the year, and it happened in a high school scrimmage.


High School Player Kicks Incredible 67-Yard Field Goal


Austin Rehkow of Central Valley High School kicks a 67-yard field goal with 2 seconds left to tie the game at 55-55 on October 18 at Joe Albi Stadium in Spokane, WA.


Good Morning, Here’s An 8th-Grader Kicking A 63-Yard Field Goal

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That's 14-year-old Blake Carter kicking a 63-yard field goal in practice.


Sports On TV: Glee’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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I've prepared separate intro blurbs, depending on who you are.

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