Important News: The Most Consecutive Back Handsprings Record Has Been Shattered


The most consecutive back handsprings record has been broken yet again, this time by a high school cheerleader hitting 40.


Meet The 335-Pound Cheerleader Being Looked At College Football Recruiters

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I'd like to know the first thing that popped into your brain when you read "335-pound cheerleader.


Sports On TV: The Wonder Years’ 15 Greatest Sports Moments

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There's only one way to start a column about 'The Wonder Years.


Advice To Future Wrestling Coaches: Be Kind To The Farting Wrestler

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The high school wrestling coach cited with summary disorderly conduct for allegedly encouraging wrestlers to hit a fellow team member because he was farting too much doesn't know how the Internet works.

world war II

Our Little Home Run Hitler Finally Graduates. Wait, What?


In today's best high school sports/World War II history news, a poor kid who loves to play baseball got the ultimate one-two knockout blow featured in his high school yearbook: a goofy message from his parents, and a typo that compares him to 5.

#LeBron James

Check Out LeBron James’ High School Stats

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This is a few days (and years, if you’re a stickler for details) old, but the folks over at LeBronJames.


Drew Bonner Took An AB In A Wheelchair, Drew A Walk

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Yesterday, during a story about an 8-year old kid with cancer running in a touchdown for East Carolina University, we called for the worldwide spread of the "sports teams being nice to kids" meme.


The High School Basketball Fire Dunk, Another Great Idea From Florida

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When I was in high school, our basketball games and assemblies began with our principal delivering a dry speech about school spirit and sportsmanship, followed by our sub-par cheerleaders making vague "woo" gestures while a bunch of gangly jerks tried to dribble from the entrance to center-court without losing it or hurting themselves.


Good Morning. Here's A High School Goalie Freakout

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A high school goalie scores on himself, salutes his coaches, flips everybody off and bails.


Hockey, Improving The High School Experience By Hurting Everyone There

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I really enjoyed watching this commercial for a Michigan-area high school hockey game between schools Clarkston and Lake Orion, but I can't settle on a reason why.


Meet Gabrielle Gary, Mistress Of The Turnaround Out-Of-Bounds Hook-shot 3-Pointer

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We don't cover women's basketball a lot at With Leather -- even when we approach it professionally, it opens to the door for way too many PRETTY GOOD BASKETBALL PLAYING FROM THE KITCHEN comments, which are more or less the asshole of popular opinion -- but this is too good not to share.


The Best High School Basketball Dunks And Plays Of Last Year, Because Why Not?

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Here are the best high school basketball dunks and plays of the year.


Sports On TV: Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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This week on Sports On TV, we tackle the horror/comedy/drama/everything else of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer,' the 1997-2003 hit that catapulted Avengers director Joss Whedon into public consciousness, gave Sarah Michelle Gellar seven more years of television success and adapted a semi-forgotten Kristy Swanson movie into a layered, sometimes absurd and always worth-talking-about cult classic.


And Now, A Volleyball Double Kill

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What's a volleyball double kill, you say.


Do You Believe In Localized High School Football Miracles? YEARGHHHH

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Here at With Leather, the Illinois state football playoffs are the most important thing in the world.


If This Snap Interception Ends Up In A Cell Phone Commercial, I Swear To God

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What you're about to watch happened (allegedly) during a football game between two Kansas high schools -- Dodge City and Garden City.


Teenagers Won't Stop Kicking Footballs Spectacularly


Following in the footsteps of the 8th grader who kicked a 63-yard field goal in practice and a high-schooler connecting from 67 yards out in a game is this clip of a Florida teen punting a football as well as you'll ever see it punted.

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