Sandra Bullock Gave A Surprise Graduation Speech At A High School In New Orleans

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Telling them to find their joy and not pick their noses in public, Sandra Bullock gave a wonderful speech to a graduating class yesterday.


A 31-Year-Old High School Sophomore Was Arrested For Not Being 15

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A woman claiming to be 15 years old was arrested for actually being 31.


Meet Kwasi Enin, The High School Student Who Was Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools

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Seventeen-year old Kwasi Enin pulled off the unthinkable by applying to and being accepted by all 8 Ivy League institutions.

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Some High School Students In Washington Are Making Their Classmates Donate Money In The Cruelest Way Possible

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Kids at a high school in Washington have been playing Justin Bieber's 'Baby' on repeat to make their classmates donate money for an orphanage in Ghana.


A Girl With Down Syndrome Had Her Dream Come True Thanks To Her High School’s Cheerleading Team


A high school cheer squad in Idaho helped a girl with Down syndrome fulfill her dream by making the team and cheering on her school's sports.

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Watch This High School Student Eviscerate His Teacher For Not Showing Enough Passion For Her Job

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This student is passionate about his education and wants the same from his teacher.


33 High School Students Were Suspended After Filming Twerking Video

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All the kids today are twerking, including these 33 high school students who were suspended.

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