A Wrestler's Gesture Of Sportsmanship To His Opponent's Dying Father Will Touch Your Heart

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Malik Stewart lost his 120-pound state championship match, but earned fans for his gesture of sportsmanship to his opponent's father, a man with cancer.


A Georgia High Schooler Wrestled A Kid With Down Syndrome And Became Our New Hero

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A Georgia high school wrestling star faced off against a competitor with Down Syndrome, won a sportsmanship award and became my personal hero.


Advice To Future Wrestling Coaches: Be Kind To The Farting Wrestler

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The high school wrestling coach cited with summary disorderly conduct for allegedly encouraging wrestlers to hit a fellow team member because he was farting too much doesn't know how the Internet works.


A Major Victory For High School Girls

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If your girlfriend gets a little extra pissed at you this week for not holding the door or giving her a Dutch oven or sleeping with her sister, you can thank Joel Northrup for weakening the man line in the battle against supreme chick dominance.

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