Check Out Aisha Tyler’s High School Photo That Inspired This Week’s ‘Archer’

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This amazing photo of Aisha Tyler's "awkward teen" years provides some background for Lana Kane on this week's 'Archer.'


High School Yearbooks Have Tattoo Pages Now, Because That’s The Kind Of World We Live In

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Here are a bunch of tattoos that some high school kids are really going to regret getting someday.

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A Utah Teen Was Forced To Wear Her Winter Coat To A Dance After Showing Up In This ‘Revealing’ Dress

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A 16-year-old was forced to wear a winter coat to her high school dance after chaperones deemed her dress "too revealing."

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Watch Matthew McConaughey Tell An Entertaining Story About His Wild High School Days

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This classic interview features Matthew McConaughey telling a story about the time he ventured to the rough side of town in high school.

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Video: High-Schooler Lucas Campbell Hammers Poster Dunk On Two Defenders


Serious question: What exactly are they feeding these young ballers today.

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Video: High-Schooler Hafid Yassin Rises A Foot Above Rim To Finish In-Bounds Lob

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We might have witnessed the best inbounds dunk of 2015, and we are only seven days into the new year.


Dime Q&A: Kentucky Commit Isaiah Briscoe


Slam Dunk to the Beach returned to Cape Henlopen high school in Lewes, Delaware after an 11-year hiatus this year.


A High School Student In Upstate New York Fought To Pose With Her Rifle In A Yearbook Photo

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The yearbook committee originally refused the photo due to the gun's presence, but senior Rebekah Rorick fought to have it included.

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Video: High Schooler D.J. Harvey Headbutts Backboard On Block Try


Have you ever wondered why that padding on the underside of backboards exists.

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The Top 10 College Basketball Freshman Flying Under The Radar This Year


Well guys its that time of year again, this time last year we brought you our first edition of our “Under-the-radar” list and we’re back at it again.


Remember This Name: Terrance Ferguson, Fiery Class of 2016 Guard

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If you follow the high school basketball world, you are probably familiar with the name, Terrance “2K” Ferguson, already.


The Mayor Of A Small Wisconsin Town Has Banned Dancing For The Best Reason

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Neenah mayor Dean Kaufert decided to drum up support for a high school performance of 'Footloose' by playing the role of the 'bad guy.'

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