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Giant Light Fixture Falls on High School Wrestler


High school senior Michael McCormish has a light fixture fall directly on him during a wrestling match.

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White High School Students Don Black Face And Reenact Chris Brown Beating Rihanna At A Pep Rally

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*Sigh* This comes from a <a href="">CNN iReport</a>: At the most resent Pep Rally for Waverly High School, located in Waverly NY.


Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Was Breaking Hearts In This High School Yearbook Photo

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Aaron Paul (AKA Jesse Pinkman from 'Breaking Bad') was looking adorably dorky/grunge in his high school yearbook photo.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Piranha DD Does Not Get The Dove Foundation’s Seal Of Approval

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Calm down, I know the difference between Ving Rhames and the recently departed Michael Clarke Duncan.


It's Meryl Streep's Birthday! Here's her looking hot in high school!

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Meryl Streep might not be the <a href="" target="_blank">highest-paid actress</a> in Hollywood, but she is a national treasure, and seeing as how today is her 63rd birthday, it seemed like as good a time as any to take a look back on how bangin she looked in high school.


Weekend Movie Guide: Mumble Mumble On The Wall, Who's The Zzzzzzzzz?

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Opening Everywhere: Snow White and the Huntsman, Piranha 3DD, High School Never Heard of It: Cellmates FilmDrunk Suggests: By the time this publishes, I’ll be in the Bahamas, so you can watch my pale white butt enjoy some boat drinks.

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‘Did You See Bridesmaids?’ Asks Teacher Before Repeatedly Slapping a Student

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Although it feels like Bridesmaids has been out for 69 years, or some such lewd comment that women can now understand and even tell because we’re living in a post-Bridesmaids world, it’s still making news.


These Girls’ High School Yearbook Quotes Put All Others Quotes to Shame

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According to Wikipedia, “Nguyen” is the most common Vietnamese last name -- it’s their Smith (although with a <a href="">more disturbing history</a>).


Walter White And Jesse Pinkman 'Strongly Suggest' You Vote Maxwell For Student Body President


File this one in that thick ass folder labeled: "Bryan Cranston is awesome.


It Gets Better: Even Brad Pitt Was An Awkward Teenager


It's reassuring to know even suave, attractive, <a href="">philanthropic </a>celebrities were once awkward teenagers with boney limbs and unfortunate hairstyles, so the photo below of Brad Pitt is totally going on our inspiration board next to our yearbook photos of a be-Cosby-sweatered <a href="">Louis C.K.</a>, a smoldering high school <a href="">Nick Offerman</a>, and the adorably goth alterna-chick <a href="">Christina Hendricks</a>.


Christina Hendricks Was Adorably Goth In These High School Yearbook Photos

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If you liked seeing the yearbook photos for <a href="">Louis C.K.</a> and <a href="">Nick Offerman</a> (Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation), feel free to treat yo self to three pictures of Christina Hendricks being an endearingly awkward alterna-chick in high school.


Tim Tebow Is A Terrible Influence

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Four students at Riverhead High School in New York were given one day of internal suspension after they were caught Tebowing in the hallway between classes.


A Guide To Surviving School This Year, With Tips By A Former Inmate

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A former inmate gives helpful tips on how to survive the unimaginable hell that is high school.



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The Assassination of a High School President is a kitschy little indie film that <a href="" target="_blank">everyone seemed to love</a> (though it should be noted that a couple of those quotes come from professional sycophants), a film noir-meets-John Hughes high school movie.

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