Here Are The Best Football Vines And GIFs From The Weekend

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Here are the best and worst highlights from college football and the NFL.

hail mary plays

Watch Arizona Defeat Cal With This Wild, Last-Second Hail Mary

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Here's our first wild, last second play of the season courtesy of the Arizona Wildcats.


Meet Tacko Fall, The Tallest High School Basketball Player In The World

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Billed as 'The World's Tallest High School Basketball Player,' Tacko Fall has a highlight reel that shows him dunking on everyone in his way.


We Have A Baby On The Court! Repeat, We Have A Baby On The Court!

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After the Houston Rockets defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 107-100 on Wednesday to cut the latter’s series lead to one game, the CSN Houston postgame show offered us possibly the best highlight from the first round of the NBA Playoffs.


Here’s Your Best Non-LeBron James NBA Highlight Of The Week


Seeing as David Stern and the NBA prefer putting superstar-led teams on ESPN and TNT, and AT&T U-Verse doesn’t have NBA TV available for po’ folk like me, I don’t get to watch Javale McGee’s crazy ass play as much as I’d like to.


10 Reasons Why James Harden Is Going To Get Paid After Next Season

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In my haste to get caught up on the things that I loved and hated most about the NBA Playoffs so far – <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/06/10-reasons-why-rajon-rondo-is-making-the-eastern-conference-finals-so-much-fun#page/1">Rajon Rondo</a> and <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/06/10-reasons-why-joey-crawford-is-the-worst-thing-about-the-nba#page/1">Joey Crawford</a>, respectively – I almost forgot my absolute biggest new sports man crush, James Harden.


Video: NBA Top Plays Of 2009

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As we prepare to turn the lights out on 2009, feast your eyes on these NBA highlights that trace back from last season through now.


Video: Highlights Of Kobe Torching The Knicks For 61 @ MSG

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Bless the comedy of errors that is the current Knicks team.

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