MMA Guys Can’t Deal With Their Emotions Of The Day: Rony Jason Got Sad, Almost Lost An Arm


Rony Jason dealt with his KO loss to Jeremy Stephens at UFC Fight Night 32 by punching himself in the face, elbowing a door and going to the hospital.


Ryan Lochte Hurt His Knee In The Most Ryan Lochte Way Possible

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte injured his knee during a trip to Gainesville, FL, last weekend, and the injury occured in the most Ryan Lochte way ever.


Somebody Comfort Drake: The Toronto Raptors Mascot Tore His Achilles Doing A Backflip

The Toronto Raptors mascot tore his Achilles doing a backflip at a promotional event and will be out for the reason. Somewhere, Drake needs a hug.

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Holy Bat Balls! Check Out Conan O’Brien’s Massive Thigh Bruise


Conan O'Brien suffers the "greatest bruise" of his life after falling off of a water buffalo.

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People Are Hurting Themselves Playing With the Kinect?

Hey, remember when the Wii caught on, and we discovered that we were a nation of people completely unable to keep any sort of grip on a cheap piece of plastic.

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