This 7-Year-Old Kid Delivered Quite Possibly The Best Weather Forecast Ever

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Second grader Charlie Hale's got all the right moves and catchphrases.


The Trailer For The New Thug Kitchen Cookbook Is Hilarious And Healthy As F*ck

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The Thug Kitchen cookbook will teach you to 'eat like you give a f*ck'.


Watch This Total Lady Killer Steal All The Ladies’ Hearts While On Fox News

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Just another July 4th over at Fox News. That was until a hero emerged from the crowd.


Westboro Baptist Church Protesters Were Hilariously Chased Away From Picketing A School By An Angry Mob

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Aww, did the poor widdle Westboro Baptist Church get chased off from protesting the deaths of children? How very sad for them.


Conan Spends Some Quality Time With His Interns, Again Proves That He Is Master Of The Remote Segment

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Conan runs a tight ship and keeps his interns in line via weekly checks like the one in this hilarious video.


‘Gangster Party Line’ WIll Harden You Up For $4.99 Per Minute

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You should've known better than call my man on Shabbat, now you're going have to deal with him and his boys and their boys and that guy with the lazy eye.


'Grand Theft Auto V' Mythbusters Strike Again In A Third, Hilarious Video

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'Grand Theft Auto V' is put to the test for the third time, and the results are... something special.

#video games

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Lets You Destroy Cars By Jumping On Them

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A glitch in 'Grand Theft Auto V' lets you divebomb cars out of existence. Seriously.


Facebook Ignored A Security Hole, So A Hacker Went Nuts On Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall

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Facebook wouldn't listen to a hacker who found a serious security flaw. So he found an... innovative way of getting the company's attention.

tiny vehicles

The Smallest Car In The World Has A Few Minor Engineering Problems

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Bolting a suit of armor to an ATV? What could possibly go wrong?


Pastor Somehow Winds Up In Handcuffs And Gag, Makes 911 Call Of The Year

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We're sure this handcuffed pastor has an excellent reason for what happened.


Enjoy Some Godzilla Haiku To Start Off The New Year


Giant lizard Unique and funny juxtaposition I'm terrible at poetry


Robot Chicken’s Christmas Special Featured Larry Hama, And It Was Glorious

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Robot Chicken brings in a beloved G.I. Joe writer. For a rare live-action cameo, no less.


Skyrim “Crimes Against Nature” Mod Lives Up To Its Name

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Never have Crimes Against Nature been so awesome.


The 2012 IgNobels Are Awesome As Usual


The IgNobel is a low honor... but it sometimes brings out some clever research.


New York Judge Chews Out Copyright Trolls In Hilarious Ruling


Before we talk about this, we want you to savor this sentence: John Doe #29’s counsel represents that his client is an octogenarian with neither the wherewithal nor the interest in using BitTorrent to download Gang Bang Virgins.


EA Gives Gay-Hatin' Trolls The Finger

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Remember when we reported on the Florida Family Association having the vapors over characters of the same gender in a video game tastefully implied to be doing it.


FIFA '12 Features Hot On-Field Man-Humping. Again.


We've previously told you about the secret gay agenda promoted by FIFA '12, but this is much funnier, partially because even after being relentlessly humped by the goalie, this guy still manages to get the ball into the net.


FYI, Get Your Law License Before You Copyright Troll


The courts have been taking an increasingly dim view of copyright trolling, and good for them.

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