Jon Stewart Came THIS Close To Getting Hillary Clinton To Admit She’s Running For President

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Jon Stewart put in a mighty effort trying to get Hillary Clinton to admit she's running for president, but to no avail.


The Back Of Hillary Clinton’s Tour Bus Has Amazingly Self-Aware PSA Messaging

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Hillary Clinton appropriated the Texts From Hillary meme for a pretty damn funny tour bus PSA.

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The Clintons Binge-Watched ‘House Of Cards,’ Which Must Have Been Super Weird For The Clintons

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"House of Cards" is a show about a powerful Southern politician who is married to an ambitious, smart woman. And the similarities DON'T END THERE.


Jon Stewart: Why Is Hillary Becoming A Grandmother A Big Deal When Romney Had A ‘Grandchild Petting Zoo’?

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Jon Stewart sees a double standard that still exists in American politics, and he is not pleased with it.


Watch Stephen Colbert Shame The Hell Out Of Batsh*t Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theorists

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Some right-wing pundits have accused Hillary Clinton of staging her daughter's pregnancy and having a shoe thrown at her. Politics are cool!


Watch Hillary Clinton Duck A Shoe Thrown At Her During A Speech

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Flashback of Muntadar al-Zaidi <a href="">the infamous Bush shoe-thrower</a> in 2008, anyone?


World Politicians Drawn As Notorious Disney Villains: Putin, Palin, Obama, And More

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Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and more get turned into notorious Disney movie villains.

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Bill O’Reilly: ‘There’s Got To Be Some Downside To Having A Woman President’

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Bill O'Reilly has concerns about us having a female president. You know, there's the period thing and all those hormones and all!


Hillary Clinton Took A Shot At Fox News On Twitter During The Super Bowl


Hillary Clinton tweeted with fire whilst watching Fox's Super Bowl coverage. Hilldawg's still got it.


CNN canceled their Hillary Clinton documentary because our political system is broken, basically

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Late last year, director Charles Ferguson (Inside Job) was hired to direct a documentary about Hillary Clinton for CNN.


Meet Ron Swanson's Eagleton Rival: 8 Things We Learned About NBC Today

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Ron Swanson's "Parks and Recreation" rival has been cast, and everything else we learned about NBC today from their TCA session.

Hillary Clinton Has Joined Twitter

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Hillary Clinton is now on Twitter. And she's wasting no time sparking controversy!


Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried Among Actresses Vying To Play Hillary Clinton

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Last year’s Black List featured an unused script entitled, Rodham, which is about the younger years of Hillary Clinton and not, as it turns out, a powerful-yet-delicious rod made of ham that was handed down from the gods to a mortal man in order to save mankind.


President Clinton? Perhaps

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<a href="">CNN:</a> "There are few certainties in American politics.


7.17 The Cooler

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Kara Allison Microsoft, NBC Breakup Complete <a href="">[Newser]</a> The 10 Most Ripped-Off Viral Ads Of All Time <a href="">[SVI]</a> Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Curves <a href="">[NYDN]</a> Debunking The Myth Of Jeremy Lin’s Offer Sheet <a href="">[Dime]</a> Coolio’s Son Facing Three Years In Prison <a href="">[The Urban Daily]</a> Ne-Yo Says He Likes Vagina.

Hillary Clinton Kindly Declines Jason Segel's Invite To Make A Cameo In 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall 2'

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A while back <a href="">Jason Segel told US Weekly</a> that he'd really love it if <a href="">recent meme </a>and <a href="">meme-contributor</a> Hillary Clinton made a cameo in a probably-not-going-to-happen sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall (<a href="">which we LOVE</a>) "I just feel like she would be good at comedy," Segel told the ghastly gossip/entertainment rag.


4.27 The Cooler

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Lauren D'Marie Brian McKnight Explains Why He Recorded X-Rated "P**sy Song" [Vibe] RZA Inadvertently Reveals Why The Wu-Tang Clan Broke Up [Refined Hype] A Complete Guide To Martin's Sneakers [Complex] Alison Brie’s 10 Most Internet Bait-able Moments [Uproxx] Nintendo Confirms That It's Selling 3DS At [...].


Amy Poehler Totally Photobombed Louis C.K. & Hillary Clinton Last Night

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In the annals of greatest famous person photobombs, <a href="">Tina Fey</a>, <a href="">Aaron Rodgers</a> and <a href="">Amber Heard</a> are unquestionably the leaders of the pack -- the most creative and deft in the celeb photobombing field.

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Memes Do Come True: 'Texts From Hillary' Bros Meet With Hillary Clinton

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A few days ago <a href="">we introduced you to "Texts From Hillary,"</a> a Tumblr devoted to launching a <a href="">Hillary Clinton-as-Superwoman meme</a> that was probably long overdue, not to mention pretty damn funny.

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