#Bill Murray

Here’s What It Looks Like When Bill Murray And Rick Ross Hang Out

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Bill Murray joined Rick Ross at his studio after attending Saturday night's Rhode Island Ram's basketball game where his son is Assistant Coach.


Geraldo Rivera Has Some Really Unpopular Opinions About Hip-Hop Culture And Racism

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Just when you wish the words would stop coming out of Geraldo's mouth... they just keep coming out of his mouth.


Baz Luhrmann Is Making A Hip-Hop Musical Series For Netflix About 1970s New York

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Baz Luhrmann's first TV show 'The Get Down' will be, surprise, a period piece musical set in New York City.

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch Gwyneth Paltrow And Jimmy Fallon Perform Broadway Versions Of Your Favorite Hip Hop Songs

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Jimmy Fallon drags out the piano to team up with Gwyneth Paltrow and sing some Broadway versions of hip hop tunes.


Macklemore Explains How White Privilege Has Affected His Career

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Macklemore visited Hot 97 and discussed race and racism in America while exploring the topic of white privilege.

Dr. Dre

Celebrate Hip-Hop And Hanukkah At The Same Damn Time With The Brilliant ‘Dr. Dreidel’


This Hanukkah staple was created by Bay Area artist Hannah Rothstein and features four "faces" of the Compton rapper.


Watch This Little Girl School Her Father In A Daddy Daughter Hip Hop Dance Battle

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This girl has some pretty slick dance moves, but then again so does her father. Who wins?

natalie portman

Let’s Look Back On The Storied History Of Actors And Actresses Rapping

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Following Daniel Radcliffe's amazing rap act on 'The Tonight Show', we took a look at the long history of celebrity rapping.

Booty Dancing

This Supercut Of The Biggest Butts In Music Video History Is Incomplete But You Probably Won’t Care

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This supercut of hip hop video booty dancers leaves out some of the biggest booties in music video history.

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott Reveals Dramatic Weight Loss, Still Fly As Hell

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The "Work It" rapper unveiled her new self at a recent show in New York City.

Rick Rubin

Watch Rick Rubin Go Back To Def Jam’s Beginnings

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Super-producer Rick Rubin went along with Rolling Stone's cameras to visit the humble birthplace of Def Jam records.


From Lyric Spittin’ To Line Reading: The 7 Best Rappers Turned Actors

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Spittin' hot bars doesn't necessarily lead to Academy Awards, but here's 7 rappers who do it right.

the 80s

This 1981 ABC News ’20/20′ Report On The Rise Of Rap Music Is Equal Parts Fascinating And Hilarious

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This actually may be mainstream America's introduction to rap/hip-hop music, and for that alone it belongs in a time capsule.


A New Donald Sterling Recording Was Released By A Rapper Named Maserati

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Because no one seems to have a handle on Donald Sterling, the Clippers owner was recorded by another "friend" who was on CNN last night.


The 7 Biggest Rap Arguments That Will Never Be Settled


Hip-Hop music and culture are full of the types of arguments based on more opinion than fact but treated as if their the gospel.


Watch Fred Armisen Learn The History Of Hip-Hop On 'Portlandia' From Carrie Brownstein

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Fred Armisen learns the complicated history of Hip-Hop in this clip from 'Portlandia.' So much history. So many 40's.

Lil Boosie

The Non-Rap Enthusiast’s Guide To What Is Going On With Lil Boosie: A Timeline


If it seems as if saga of Torrence Hatch – better known as Lil Boosie – was a confusing, crazy and demented one, that’s because it was.


12 Rappers To Go Out Of Your Way To See At SXSW 2014


Grab an extra phone charger and get your promo packs ready, SXSW 2014 is right around the corner.

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