Justin Bieber Honors More Historical Figures

After wishing Anne Frank was a belieber, Justin weighs in on Joan of Arc, Jesus, and MLK.


The FBI Crushes Rumors About UFO Investigations In The ’50s

The Hottel Memo supposedly reveals that the Air Force thought UFOs were real. The FBI, unfortunately, just can't let us have any fun.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos May Have Found Apollo 11’s Rocket Engines

The engines that took us to the moon might just have been discovered, thanks to Jeff Bezos.


Great Prank Calls in History

Believe it or not, many historical figures have been on the wrong end of prank calls.


A historian’s take on Lincoln


I did my best when I reviewed Lincoln, and it was pretty good because I'm a certified genius, but to a certain degree, my analysis of it as entertainment value doesn't matter nearly as much as how accurate it was as history.

Warner Bros.

Tarzan to be an interracial buddy-cop movie starring Alexander Skarsgard & Samuel Jackson


Making a Tarzan movie sounds like a horrible idea, but if you're going to do it, you might as well cast a tall, handsome, Swedish version of Ryan Gosling that loves to party like Alexander Skårsgard.


Turns Out People Actually Were Hunting Vampires Back In Lincoln’s Time


Abraham Lincoln probably wasn't a vampire hunter, but he could've been...


Traditional Japanese Swimming

It's always nice to see old traditions kept alive, but is it really a good idea to swim while wearing armor.


Lincoln (Official Trailer)

The official trailer for Steven Spielberg’s highly-anticipated Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

Teaser Trailer

‘Lincoln’ Has A Teaser Trailer, Spoiler Alert: He Dies


On Thursday, people who actually use their Google+ accounts can log in for a special Q&A Google Hangout with Lincoln director Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Robert Todd Lincoln, after the official trailer for the film that is going to win eleventy billion Oscars is released.


Lincoln (Teaser Trailer)

The first (albeit brief) look at Steven Spielberg's highly-anticipated Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.


Andrew Jackson: The Most Terrifying Man Ever Elected President

CRACKED makes a convincing case for Old Hickory as the scariest man ever elected president.


The Subculture of Civil War Reenactors

In this episode of Subculture Club, Thrash Lab goes to the front lines of a Civil War reenactment on 400 acres of land in El Dorado Park, CA.


The History of London Bridge

London Bridge has been rebuilt twice.


The Wall Street Journal Thinks The Free Market Would Have Invented The Internet


The Internet, especially the underlying technology of the Internet, was built by governments. This is not something that Rupert Murdoch-owned bastion of capitalism, the Wall Street Journal, wants to hear.


“Archie” and Smut: The Surprisingly Close Connection


"Archie" #636 is going to blow a few fuses in crazy fundamentalist Star-Wars-hating parts of America, seeing that A) it gender-flips the Archie cast (and frankly female Archie is troublingly cute) and B) it's drawn by Gisele, who's mostly famous for Menage a 3, a webcomic we can't link here because it's not safe for work (use Google) and features explicitly drawn gay sex on a fairly regular basis.

super mario brothers

Not Even Nintendo Knows When 'Super Mario Bros.' Came Out

Gamasutra recently posted one of the most hilarious articles you'll ever read about video game history: a lengthy, detailed, time-consuming, and ultimately completely futile quest to determine what day, exactly, "Super Mario Bros.

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