Cher Has Apparently Lost Her Mind And Is Tweeting About Hitler Living In Apple’s iCloud

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Seems Cher recently name dropped Hitler in a tweet that has left many scratching their heads.

Hitler Comparisons

Congressman Randy Weber Apologizes For Comparing President Obama To Hitler

By | 9 Comments

Rep. Randy Weber compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler in a since-deleted tweet.


The Austrian Government Wants To Turn Hitler’s Birthplace Into A Holocaust Museum

By | 3 Comments

The Austrian government has decided that Hitler's birthplace in Braunau should be turned into a 'House of Responsibility.'


Presenting A Cautionary Tale About Sharing Your Netflix Account With Others

By | 14 Comments

College Humor provides the perfect look into why you shouldn't just leave your Netflix account in the hands of just anyone.

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‘Sniper Elite III’ Continues The Grand Tradition Of Shooting Hitler In The Ball

By | 7 Comments

'Sniper Elite III' lets you give a sudden, traumatic vasectomy to the one man in modern history who genuinely deserves it.


Walmart Needs To Give This DVD Bundling Anti-Belieber A Raise

By | 3 Comments

"Whoever bundles the movies at Walmart has a good sense of humor," says the eagle-eyed so-and-so who uploaded this funny picture.


The Latest eBook Sensation Is…Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’?!

By | 6 Comments

Hitler, on top of everything else, was a terrible writer. But that isn't stopping 'Mein Kampf' from climbing the ebook charts. Why is it suddenly popular?


A True American Hero Has Been Attributing Hitler, Stalin & Bin Laden Quotes To Taylor Swift On Pinterest

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Emily Pattinson, you're my new hero for creating this Pinterest page laying Hitler quotes over Taylor Swift pics.


Poker Night


Anyone with a time machine would go back in time and kill Hitler.


The History Channel Is Searching For Hitler Look-Alikes On Craigslist

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Do you look like Hitler? Then the History Channel wants YOU.

world war II

Our Little Home Run Hitler Finally Graduates. Wait, What?


In today's best high school sports/World War II history news, a poor kid who loves to play baseball got the ultimate one-two knockout blow featured in his high school yearbook: a goofy message from his parents, and a typo that compares him to 5.


And The Award For Worst Yearbook Mistake Goes To… ‘Home Run Hitler’

By | 8 Comments

In a yearbook ad taken out by his family, a boy was mistakenly labeled as their "Home Run Hitler" instead of the intended "Home Run Hitter".


The Hitler Teapot Sold Out Online In Record Time

By | 11 Comments

Do you like your teapot on a functional level, but aesthetically feel it's just not Hitler-y enough? You are not alone.


Would You Be Shocked To Learn There’s A Subreddit Called ‘Titler’ Devoted To Pics Of Hitler With Boobs?


Next to cats and bacon, the internet loves Hitler and boobs. So the existence of Titler should surprise no one.

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