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Report: Hitler's Chronic Farting Had More To Do With Vegetarianism Than His Love For Bull Semen And Cocaine


I really think <a href="">this may be the best lede in the history of journalism</a> and I envy the person wrote it.


UFC Tapped Out By Internet Tough Guys

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UFC Executive Vice President Lawrence Epstein posted an editorial piece in the <a href="">Las Vegas Review-Journal</a> in support of the <a href="">Stop Online Piracy Act</a>.


Five TV Shows As Offensive as ‘Work It’

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History was made last night, and I hope you weren’t watching.


Wil Wheaton: ‘The Kardashians Are More Depressing to Me Than Hitler’

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Below, I have posted a clip of Wil Wheaton, tech writer and former "Star Trek: The Next Generation" actor, discussing the Kardashians as part of a panel with Chris Hardwick.


At Least It’s Competitive: Sports At The Country Music Awards

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Last night's 45th Annual Country Music Association Awards featured a lot of the usual suspects -- Taylor Swift crying about winning an award she expected to win, a touching tribute to Texas Ranger La Boeuf and Darius Rucker turning "and the Blowfish" into a full-blown country music career -- but the best parts were when sports guys showed up, because I haven't gone lifestyle yet and can't write about The Zac Brown Band on my sports blog.


Are You Ready For Some Passive-Aggression?

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Here is a quick recap of Are You Ready For Some-gate: 1.


Hank Williams Jr. Is Not Coming Over Tonight

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He comes from country music royalty and he's been the voice of Monday Night Football for over twenty years, but it's not all about music for this country superstar -- he knows about <a href="">Godwin's Law</a>, too.


Hitler Finally Reacts To All Those Hitler Reacts Videos


If someone would have told me, oh, say in 2008 that Hitler reacts videos using that now-infamous clip from Downfall would still be thing on the internet, I would've thought you were crazy, but they're still out there, still relevant, and still often very f*cking funny.


Important PSA: Drive Recklessly

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I'm tired of PSAs always looking out for people's safety and well-being at the cost of doing fun things like drugs and smoking and driving drunk.


Sing It, Hitler!

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I don't know about you, but I always like to start my day with Hitler singing the theme song to "The Jeffersons.


What’s on Tonight: Hitler!

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Hitler's Suicide Ship (National Geographic) -- Now that History has abandoned its 24/7 Hitler coverage, NatGeo steps in with this special, followed by Hunting Hitler's Generals.


Captain America And Other Superheroes Punching, Kicking And Strangling Hitler

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Above: The iconic cover of Captain America #1 by Joe Simon and Jack KirbySuperman ended the war in his own comic in February 1940, but that didn't stop Captain America, the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch from having their own Nazi fighting adventures well before Pearl Harbor ever happened.


Lars Von Trier calls himself a Nazi, everyone pees their frilly panties

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Punk rockers like Sid Vicious have been <a href="" target="_blank">wearing Nazi stuff</a> for shock value since the 70s, but no one seems to remember that, at least if the degree of solemnity with which everyone wrote up the story about Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier declaring himself a Nazi at Cannes is any indication.

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