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Square Enix’s Definition Of ‘Weak’ Is A Bit… Off


Yeah, if your games move nearly four million copies and you still lose money, maybe it's not the games that are the problem, Square Enix.


‘Hitman: Absolution' — The Review


'Hitman: Absolution' is a stunning game packaged with a terrible story.


Conan O’Brien Has A Bad Habit For Killing Nuns In ‘Hitman: Absolution’

Conan O’Brien does a segment called "Clueless Gamer" in which he plays video games, and this week 'Hitman: Absolution' gets a playthrough.


Conan Reviews “Hitman: Absolution”

In the latest segment in his "Clueless Gamer" series, Conan O'Brien hilariously reviews the fifth Hitman title.

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The First Trailer for Hitman: Absolution is Here and It's Absolutely Ridiculous


It's been a while since we've seen or heard anything from the Hitman franchise.

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