A Baby Believed To Be Cured Of HIV Now Has HIV

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In 2013, it seemed that a baby had been cured of HIV. Sadly, now, not so much.


Medical Science Might Be On The Verge Of Wiping Out HIV Completely

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Two breakthroughs might mean HIV will be a thing of the past.


Twitter Can Track Whether Or Not You Have HIV

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Twitter oversharing might finally have a use.


Second porn performer, boyfriend of first, tests positive for HIV

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A second porn performer who worked mostly out of Kink.


TRAILER: Dallas Buyers Club, starring McConaughey and Leto

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HIV Day on FilmDrunk continues with the release of the trailer for Dallas Buyers Club, starring Matthew McConaughey as a Texas good ol' boy who learns he's HIV positive and is given a month to live in 1986.


Another Porn Star Test Positive for HIV, Another Argument About Condoms in Porn

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Most mainstream outlets don't cover the porn industry very closely, so when most people hear about it, it's just the "adult industry halts production after performer tests positive" story that happens every few years, followed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation calling for tougher condoms-in-porn laws.


The Best Feel Good Story Possible: Baby Cured Of HIV

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Only the second person in history to be fully cured of the virus...


Scientists Are Using HIV To Kill Cancer

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Yes, science is trying to give cancer AIDS. Sort of.


HIV Blocking Milk Is Now A Thing

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Holy cow. Sorry, had to do it...


The Latest in HIV Treatment… Breast Milk?!

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No wonder babies are so happy all the time.


Clive Barker sued for giving his ex-boyfriend HIV

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Clive Barker, best known as the director of Hellraiser, the writer of Candyman, and probably some other stuff too (who just yesterday got hired to write Zombies vs. Gladiators), has been sued by an ex-boyfriend who alleges the filmmaker gave him HIV (I'd say the HIV virus, but I'm pretty sure the V already stands for "virus").


Gamers Playing Solve A Ten Year Old AIDS Puzzle In Ten Days

By is a distributed computing project where gamers play around with proteins and link amino acids to find the optimal configurations for them.


Glow Cats!

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Eric Poeschla and colleagues at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, have developed a gene therapy based immunization for feline AIDS which can also further our understanding of fighting HIV in humans.


Game On: HIV Test That Shut Down Porn Industry Was False Positive

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Jizz-covered sluts everywhere choked out a gag of relief this weekend as the as-yet-unidentified porn performer whose positive HIV test caused voluntary shutdowns on porn shoots across Southern California last week took a follow-up test which came back negative, according to reports.


HIV Case Shuts Down Porn Industry

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Relax, relax, take the gun out of your mouth, I'm only talking about the new porn, the stuff you have to pay for.


HIV positive Rocky V star has skin lesions, unprotected sex

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Tommy Morrison and his epic mullet starred in Rocky V in 1990 and won a heavyweight title from George Foreman in 1993, but the years since haven't been nearly as kind (or mullety).


First Person To Be Cured of HIV. Maybe.

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You probably heard earlier this week that doctors at Germany's Charite Universitatsmedizin hospital announced they had "cured" HIV in a cancer patient who had received a stem cell transplant.


HIV Positive Porn Performer “Patient Zero” Identified

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I know some of you might be wondering why I'm covering porn and not non-porn entertainment right now, but you know what they say about AIDS stories -- if it bleeds, it leads.


Adult performer tests positive for HIV

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Being myself a former adult video editor, the adult film industry is close to my heart, which is why it saddens me to report that an adult performer has tested positive for HIV in Southern California.



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A public health campaign in Southern California could soon change the way we masturbate.

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