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Kansas Has A Bill To Quarantine People With HIV/AIDS Because Cooties

By | 12 Comments

The HIV/AIDS community and advocacy groups are up in arms over a Kansas bill that would quarantine citizens with HIV/AIDS.


FDA Approves OraQuick, The First Take-Home HIV Test

By | 22 Comments

Americans will soon be able to check their HIV status in the privacy of their own homes after the FDA recently approved OraQuick for over-the-counter sales.


Lil B Says He’s “Got AIDS”

By | 20 Comments

Earlier this year, Lil B announced he was gay and now his latest public disservice announcement is revealing he "got" AIDS.


The Day Magic Johnson Became Mortal

By | 17 Comments

Sometimes in the African American culture, issues not directly involving our race have a tendency to often times fall on deaf ears.


12.2 The Cooler

By | 23 Comments

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