Can You Declare Copyright On Your Facebook Posts? No, Because They’re Already Copyrighted.

By | 13 Comments

The copyright hoax is sweeping Facebook again, so here's what you actually need to know about Facebook and copyright.


People Actually Believed Argentina’s President Adopted A Jewish Boy To Stop His Change Into A Werewolf

By | 9 Comments

An urban legend mixed with some truth had people believing that Argentina's president adopted a boy to stop a werewolf transformation.


Despite Rumors Of Its Demise, The Big Mac Is Still Very Much Alive On McDonald’s Menu

By | 12 Comments

McDonald's is still trimming their menu, but that doesn't involve getting rid of the classic Big Mac or apple pies.

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin Becomes The Victim Of Another Internet Death Hoax

By | 11 Comments

Despite rumors of his demise, Macaulay Culkin is still very much alive.


The True American Horror Story: A Brief History Of Tainted Halloween Candy

By | 8 Comments

Tainted Halloween candy is largely a myth. But the myth endures because it's a perfect horror story.


Everybody Relax, Banksy Wasn’t Arrested And Exposed As A 35-Year-Old Man

By | 6 Comments

People are going bananas because fake news website claiming to be satire reported that Banksy was arrested and his identity revealed.

Emma Watson

Those Rumored Emma Watson Nude Photos? They Were An Anti-4Chan Hoax.

By | 21 Comments

Emma Watson's leaked nude photos are fake, but skeezy marketing firms are real.

dc cinematic universe

Rumor Patrol: About Those ‘New’ Domains For Upcoming DC Comics Movies

By | 4 Comments

Several sites are reporting on four "new" domain names "recently registered" by Warner, and we're here to make Batman even sadder.

the purge

A Louisville Teen Tricked The Cops Into Thinking A ‘Purge’ Was Coming

By | 6 Comments

Louisville authorities thought the plot of "The Purge" was going to happen in real life. It didn't.


KFC Is Letting The Young Dog Attack Victim Keep $30,000 Despite Its Investigation

By | 7 Comments

Despite the conclusion of two investigations that prove previous claims were false, KFC has let Victoria Wilcher's family keep $30,000.

viral hoaxes

The Story About The Young Girl Being Kicked Out Of KFC May Have Been A Hoax

By | 14 Comments

KFC has turned to a third-party investigator to determine whether or not the 3-year old dog attack victim was in one of its restaurants.


The 5 Fake Internet Stories Your Facebook Friends Won’t Stop Sharing

By | 49 Comments

Here's your guide to the five common hoaxes that your Facebook friends keep falling for.


Here's Proof That Hannibal Buress' Story About Pretending To Be Donald Glover’s Agent Is 100% True

By | 5 Comments

Thanks to Donald Glover, we now have confirmation that Hannibal Buress' hoax story is completely true.


Let's Check In With Balloon Boy, One Of The Most Viral News Stories Of 2009

By | 10 Comments

The family of "Balloon Boy" appeared on HLN's Morning Express to check in and show everyone that they're just as creepy and dysfunctional as ever.


Those Convincing Hoverboard Videos Are Definitely A 'Funny Or Die' Hoax

By | 10 Comments

Here's proof that those exciting hoverboard videos created by HUVr are nothing more than a prank by Funny or Die.

Tony Hawk

Who Is The Diabolical Villain Behind These New Hoverboard Videos From HUVr?

By | 25 Comments

A company named HUVr claims to be bringing us the hoverboard technology in 2014, but there's no way this is real.


Tampon, Tampoff: The #FreeBleeding Movement Is A 4chan-Supported Hoax

By | 2 Comments

Don't believe the "Free Bleeding" moment. It's not real.


The Scourge Of SquAIDS: Town Gripped In Fear Of Squirrel AIDS Epidemic Prank

By | 7 Comments

It was only a matter of time before the SquAIDS came for us all. The Squaipocalypse has begun in New Jersey.

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