Go To A Florida Panthers Game, You Might Go Home With A Piece Of Your Favorite Player’s Skull

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Krystofer Barch of the Florida Panthers pulled his own teeth and tossed them at a fan, marking the third self-dentistry NHL moment of the month.


Antti Niemi’s Shootout Save Is The Save Of The Year

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San Jose Sharks goalie Antti Niemi made the save of the year in last night's shutout against the Detroit Red Wings.


Meet Bouncing Tampa Bay Lightning Bro, The Hero That The NHL Deserves

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This bouncing Tampa Bay Lightning fan with his girlfriend knew exactly how to turn himself into an Internet star.


Steven Stamkos Had A Hat Trick And Earned Himself A New Groupie

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Tampa Bay Lightning star Steven Stamkos had a hat trick in the team's 7-2 win, and he had quite the groupie during his postgame interview.

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Watch Tomas Hertl Scoff At The Sport Of Hockey With His Fourth Goal In One Game

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To score his fourth goal of the night against the Ranger, Sharks rookie Tomas Hertl flipped the puck between his legs and put it top shelf.


A Hockey Player Got Suspended, Then Fired For Trying To Gouge Out His Opponent’s Eyeballs

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Hockey player Derek Campbell was banned for 47 games, then fired for attacking an opponent, bludgeoning him in the head and trying to rip out his eyes. Yikes.


Danny Trejo, The NHL’s Biggest Bad Ass

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Action star Danny Trejo showed up to the Philadelphia Flyers game last night and of course he looked like a bad ass.


Congratulations Jonathan Quick, You’re Responsible For The Worst Goal In NHL History

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Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick allowed the worst goal in NHL history, and his explanation might be worse than the goal.


A Stick To The Face Turned Edmonton Oiler Sam Gagner Into A Monster

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Edmonton Oilers player Sam Gagner got hit in the face with a stick and tweeted his grotesquely swollen jaw (and his gross teeth).


Let’s Watch The Buffalo Sabres And Toronto Maple Leafs Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other

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The Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs had a 5-minute team brawl involving goalies, stick attacks to the legs and threats for the entire bench.

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Brett Gallant And Krys Barch Found A Loophole In The New NHL Helmet Rule

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Brett Gallant and Krys Barch found a loophole in the new NHL helmet rule by simply taking off one another's helmets before fighting. Smart, and adorable!

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Drew MacIntyre Of The Toronto Maple Leafs Has The Most Hilariously Non-Threatening Goalie Mask

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Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Drew MacIntyre has taken non-threatening to a new level, adding Winnie the Pooh and My Little Pony characters to his mask.


Sports On TV: South Park’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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Edit: We're re-running this today in celebration of the 16th anniversary (to the day) of 'South Park's' first airing.

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Justin Bieber Touched The Stanley Cup But Is He The Worst Celebrity To Ever Do So?

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Pop sensation Justin Bieber got to do what most NHL fans will never do in their lifetimes recently, when <a href="https://twitter.com/PJHASSEN/status/354762301523513344/photo/1" target="_blank">he posed for a picture with Lord Stanley’s Cup</a> in the locker room of the NHL Champion Chicago Blackhawks.


Today's Only Important Story: Cam Neely Will Reprise The Role Of 'Sea Bass'

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This is, quite possibly, the most important tweet of 2013.


Martin Brodeur Selecting His Son In The 2013 NHL Entry Draft Is Adorable

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The New Jersey Devils took Anthony Brodeur with the 208th pick of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, and made the moment special by allowing Martin Brodeur to announce it.

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Scientific Report: Boston Bruins Fans Eased Their Loss With Tons And Tons Of Porn

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If you're like me (a Washington Capitals fan) you have so much time to watch porn.


CM Punk Won A Hockey Bet With John Cena, Got To Hold The Stanley Cup

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Former WWE Champion CM Punk made his return to WWE at the <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/06/the-best-and-worst-of-wwe-payback" target="_blank">Payback PPV</a> in his hometown of Chicago during the home stretch of the Blackhawks' Cup run.


Paulina Gretzky Went To/Cosplayed As Germany

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We're gonna go ahead and count this as another hockey post.


NHL Rivalries Have Entered The World Of Passive-Aggressive Baking With ‘Penguins Cream Pies’

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By way of <a href="http://larrybrownsports.com/hockey/pennsylvania-bakery-penguins-cream-pie/189804" target="_blank">Larry Brown Sports</a> and a baker with no better outlet in which to express his NHL passions comes the PENGUINS CREAM PIE, a strikethrough joke from Oakmont Bakery in Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

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