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Before Hollywood Ruins Them: 17 Sci-Fi And Supernatural Scripts On The 2014 Black List

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This year's Black List, ranking executives' favorite screenplays of the year, is out now. Here are 17 that are relevant to our interests.


Rich LA Schools Have Vaccination Rates As Low As South Sudan

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Whooping cough and measles are making a comeback in wealthy LA schools.


Remembering 7 Porn Stars Who Tried (And Failed) To Make It In Hollywood

By | 48 Comments

There comes a time in every porn professional's career when the musty magic just doesn't cut it anymore. Here are 7 porn stars who tried their hands at Hollywood...and failed.


Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem Are Speaking Out Against Israel

By | 150 Comments

A couple of Spanish actors have stopped talking jamón and started talking Hamas.

the new yorker

When Richard Linklater Has Business To Tend To In LA He Goes And Immediately Gets The Hell Out

By | 9 Comments

In its newest issue, The New Yorker profiles Richard Linklater. It's a must-read for fans of the writer/director.


Hollywood Feuds We’re Glad Were Put To Rest

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Bitter enemies can bury the hatchet, even in Hollywood.


Hawkman Gets The Movie Trailer He Sorta Deserves


Hawkman will never get a big-budget movie. But that doesn't mean fans can't dream.


Before Hollywood Ruins Them: 14 Sci-Fi and Supernatural Scripts On The 2013 Black List

By | 20 Comments

This year's Black List, a ranking of executives' favorite screenplays of the year, is out now. Here are 14 that are relevant to our interests.

pacific rim

‘Pacific Rim’ Breaks Records In China

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Cancel 'Pacific Rim''s supposed financial apocalypse: It's killing it overseas.

uh ok

'Jacob's Ladder' Is The Next Horror Movie Up For A Remake

By | 23 Comments

'Jacob's Ladder', a cult classic, is getting remade because essentially no horror movie is allowed not to be a remake anymore.


UPROXX Video: A Funeral For Metropolis (And Other Cities Hollywood Flippantly Destroyed)

By | 3 Comments

This week’s UPROXX Video takes blockbuster movies to task for killing millions of civilians then glossing over it.


‘Ender’s Game’ Deploys Some New Propaganda Posters

By | 8 Comments

The movie of 'Ender's Game' finally arrives this November, and the hype for it is starting to pick up.


‘World War Z’ Debuts New Clips, $50 ‘Mega Tickets’

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'World War Z' really, really wants your money. Especially if you want to see the movie two days early.


Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Superman Movie Franchise

By | 27 Comments

Superman triumphantly returns to theaters tonight. But the journey to get him there was a long and torturous one.


George Clooney’s ‘Ball Ironing’ Is The New Craze That’s Taking Over Hollywood

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Men like George Clooney in Hollywood and beyond are reportedly visiting cosmetic experts to have the wrinkles ironed out of their testicles.


‘Iron Man 3′ Is Officially One Of The Highest Grossing Movies Ever

By | 9 Comments

'Iron Man 3' is now in the top five of the highest grossing movies of all time.

wwe films

The WWE Really Is Remaking ‘Leprechaun’

By | 13 Comments

We thought this was one of those ideas that would just go away, but the WWE is going full steam ahead on a 'Leprechaun' remake.

neil jordan

‘Byzantium': Finally A Vampire Movie That Looks Good

By | 12 Comments

'Byzantium' promises vampires, screwed-up family dynamics, chase scenes, and violence. ...OK, sold.


Why The Biggest Change To ‘Man Of Steel’ May Be Minor

By | 10 Comments

'Man of Steel' may make a major change to Superman's origin. But just how major is it?


Are You Ready For A ‘Gremlins’ Remake? Well, You Better Be!

By | 19 Comments

'Gremlins' is getting a remake, and hopefully they remember not to make CGI Gizmo incredibly creepy.

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