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Here's How 8 Music Festivals Can Have Their Own 'Hologram Tupac' Moment


Now that Coachella -- and with it videos and parodies of Tupac Shakur’s holographic performance of “Hail Mary" -- has come and gone, let’s look toward the future.

I was there

A First-Hand Account Of Hologram Tupac’s Coachella Performance: ‘I Was Completely Freaked Out’


It dawned on me earlier today that, in the midst of all the chatter and meme-making inspired by Hologram Tupac's Coachella performance and possible tour, I'd shockingly yet to read any first-hand account -- outside of a few tweets -- of what it was like to actually be there at Coachella at the precise moment Hologram Tupac took the stage.


Hologram Tupac May Be Touring With Dr. Dre Soon

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In my post on the Hologram Tupac yesterday, I made a joke about slimy music industry people seeing dollar signs in this sort of technology and that we shouldn't be surprised when dead artist hologram tours start happening.

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