Please Enjoy Every Grunt From Tim Allen On ‘Home Improvement’ At 25 Percent Speed

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You never asked for it, but here's nearly an hour of slow motion Tim Allen grunts to lull you into a trance.


Where Does The Cast Of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Rank Among The 25 Highest Paid TV Stars Of All Time?

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The cast of 'The Big Bang Theory' enters the $1 million club, but which TV stars have earned even more per episode?


Haley Joel Osment Is Transforming Into Al Borland From 'Home Improvement'

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Are Haley Joel Osment and Al Borland actually the same person? No. But Maybe?


We Need To Talk About Tim Allen’s Personal Website

By | 6 Comments

The "Home Improvement" star asks the tough questions about quantum physics.

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All Star Bowling Trick Shots, The Most UPROXX Video Of All Time

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This video showed up on our tip line a few minutes ago, with the subject, "the most uproxx video i've seen".


The Best Of The Philadelphia Phillies 1990s Retro Night

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You know those annoying Facebook macros going around with a picture of the Angry Beavers on it or whatever, with a big caption reading "ONLY 90S KIDS WOULD REMEMBER THIS CLICK LIKE" across the top.


“Sh*t Tim Allen Says” Exists, and It’s *Grunt Noise*

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I hate the Sh*t X Say meme as much as the next guy who isn’t a Jamaican using the drive-thru.


Here’s A Supercut Of Anti-Drug PSAs In 80s and 90s Sitcoms


You guys, you probably already know this, but drugs are bad.


Six TV-Inspired Video Games That Were Nothing Like The Shows That Inspired Them

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Because I obviously have nothing better to do with my life, I spent a good chunk of yesterday browsing through the Wikipedia page for "Home Improvement," Tim Allen's grunt of a series that ran over 200 episodes.

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Never Forget These Morning Links

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Ah, the first Monday NFL hangover of 2011.


‘Home Improvement’ Reunion: Jonathan Taylor Thomas Turns 30

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September 8th marks the birthday of several unexciting people of middling importance: musicians Pink and Aimee Mann, more talented musician Neko Case, aging cheesecake Brooke Burke, your favorite TV blogger, and perhaps least important of all, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

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