A new track from any one of these guys is a cause for celebration. Two on the same cut? Absolutely amazing, and unheard of at this point in time. But Blu, Freddie Gibbs, and Homeboy Sandman all on one track? The mysterious poet from Cali, the gangster from Gary with the effortless flow and tremendous lyricism and a true rising star from the New York City underground? Damn, this is the kind of lineup I'd dream up when fantasizing about imaginary posse cuts. Three of the best up-and-coming emcees in the world today, each with their own distinctive style, coming together to flex a little skill for the listening public. After hearing this track, the sun's shining a little brighter, and the wind doesn't quite seem so cold. Off Live At The Clubhouse Vol. 1, the first release from Homebase NYC, which is an excellent piece of work as a whole.