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Here’s The Red Band Trailer For ‘Homefront’ Starring James Franco As Gator

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In the red band trailer for Homefront - <a href="" target="_blank">written by Sylvester Stallone</a>, mind you - we get a much better look at the depth of evil that will be portrayed by James Franco as the bayou meth dealer named Gator, as well as the same old ass-kicker with a grizzled British accent that has been played so well by Jason Statham for hundreds of years.

james franco

James Franco is The Stath’s Nemesis ‘Gator’ in Homefront

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I can't believe Homefront is a real movie, because it plays like some FilmDrunk fan-fiction fever dream.


THQ Has Been Scrapped And Sold For Parts

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The hyenas have had their way with THQ...


YES. Stallone wrote a Statham movie starring James Franco

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James Franco is set to play a meth dealer opposite Jason Statham in Homefront, written by Sylvester Stallone.

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Unsurprisingly The Development of 'Homefront' Was A Complete Clown Show

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Dirty details about the troubled development of THQ's Homefront are starting to emerge.


Crappy Video Game’s Crappy PR Stunt Results In Massive Fine


"Homefront" came and went as a video game, largely because it was boring and pretty stupid.

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