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The Bizarre Story Of How One Man’s Pasta Pass Kindness Turned Into A Scorching Internet Controversy

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People are outraged over the success of a Utah man's viral video, because they think he fed the homeless with a Pasta Pass for Olive Garden.


A Pregnant Woman Begging For Money In San Diego Was Seen Driving Off In A Mercedes-Benz

By | 17 Comments

Something is definitely not right with this story of a pregnant woman begging for money with her son outside of a shopping center.


The Golden-Voiced Hobo Claims He’s Still Broke And Blames His Agents

By | 9 Comments

Ted Williams revealed to the Columbus Dispatch that his past agents took a lot of his money and now he struggles to pay his bills.

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A Homeless Man Was Caught Having Sex With A Mattress Outside Of A Retirement Home

By | 11 Comments

The man was loudly watching porn on a handheld DVD player at the time. No, we don't know where he got it, either.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley Is A Homeless Tree Nymph

By | 28 Comments

Shailene Woodley is homeless. And she doesn't own an iPad. THAT MONSTER.


Introducing ‘Selfies With Homeless People,’ The Meme That Kind Of Tries To Give Back

By | 8 Comments

Add 'Selfies With Homeless People' to the list of ridiculous variations of the meme that created Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year for 2013.


A Seattle Entrepreneur Will Help You Pretend To Be Homeless For Just $2,000

By | 8 Comments

Calling it a "Course in Applied Homelessness," a Seattle entrepreneur is offering people the chance to be homeless for just $2,000.


The Oklahoma City Thunder Traded Their Free Time To People In Need

By | 4 Comments

I don’t know what it is about NBA players that makes them so much more fun to criticize and make fun of than other pro sports stars.


Bum Vs. Tourist Streetfight: Who Ya Got?


Or better yet, instead of choosing between bum vs.


Clayton Kershaw Looks Different

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The gentleman above in the automobile is screeching barn owl British comedian Russell Brand, who, by all accounts, does not use drugs anymore.


Florida’s Politicians Are Finally Listening

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Every time a professional sports team calls upon a city or state for tax money to help fund a new stadium, we get the same old song and dance - why should the taxpayer money help billionaires pay for new facilities that will just make them more money.

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Morning Links: Paint It, Black


"BEWARE LEST YE BECOME THE CURTIS PAINTED" - Jon Bois Links Fetushead Cannibalism Creates Possibility For Perfect Fat Hump Story - Headlines like this make me want to write for KSK so bad.


France Has Surrendered To The Homeless


More than 500 bums, hobos, transients, tramps, and the “socially marginalized” from 48 countries have gathered in Paris, France for the 9th annual Homeless Cup games.


Cleveland Puts Ted Williams’ Head Into Cryogenic Freeze

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The Cleveland Cavaliers offered Ted Williams (the other one) an announcing gig when he shot to fame with a viral YouTube video, and now that a little bit of time has passed and everyone has forgotten it, they can take it back.


Here’s Your Next Hobo Sensation

By | 7 Comments

Thanks to golden-voiced hobo sensation Ted Williams, the media has been locked in on vagrant diamonds in the rough.


Ain’t No Party Like A Golden-Voiced Hobo Party Because A Golden-Voiced Hobo Party Don’t Stop

By | 5 Comments

Remember that recovering alcoholic homeless announcer that your mother won't shut up about.


Homeless Guy Gets Job Offer From The Cavs

By | 11 Comments

In a video that was pretty much everywhere yesterday, Ted Williams, a homeless man living in central Ohio, shared what he called his God-given gift of a great voice.

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