Darren Young Has Lost His ‘Freedom Of Speech’ Over WWE’s Tour Of The United Arab Emirates

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Darren Young tweeted, then deleted comments condemning WWE's tour the United Arab Emirates, and it doesn't stop there.

#It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The Complete ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Timeline Of Mac’s Repressed Homosexuality

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Is Mac from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia really gay? We took a look back to figure it out.


Country Singer Kinky Friedman Claims Jerry Jones And Chris Christie Are Homosexuals While Live On ESPN

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Kinky Friedman stopped by ESPN to talk about Jerry Jones, Chris Christie, and their important homosexual relationship.


Anderson Silva Isn’t Gay Right Now But Thinks He Could Be Down The Road

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Anderson Silva spoke about race and sexuality in a recent interview, and here are some highlights.


This New York City Pastor Thinks That Starbucks Is Dumping Sodomite Semen Into Their Coffee

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Religious folks ranting against homosexuality is old, but it's another thing when they start messing with everyone's coffee.


Brodus Clay Revealed How The WWE Locker Room Dealt With Darren Young Coming Out

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Last August, WWE's Darren Young came out as the company's first openly gay star. Brodus Clay spoke about the locker room's reaction.


‘Orange Is the New Black’ Writer Realized She Was Gay While Writing ‘Orange Is the New Black’

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A writer for 'Orange Is the New Black' realized she was gay while in the process of writing scenes for the critically acclaimed series.


UMass Basketball Player Derrick Gordon Comes Out As Gay

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Becomes the first openly gay men's Division I basketball player.


Mack Maine Addresses “YMCMB Signs Openly Gay Rapper” Rumors

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"Throw That Boy P*ssy" rapper gets a record deal?


Keith Olbermann Remembers Glenn Burke, The Actual 1st Openly Gay Athlete in Major Sports

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Keith Olbermann got personal (and rational) to talk Glenn Burke, the man who was the 1st openly gay athlete in major sports 30 years before Jason Collins.


For An Expectedly Tolerant Take On Michael Sam Coming Out, Here’s Taiwan Animation


Michael Sam came out of the closet and could be the first openly gay NFL player, so Taiwan Animation animated shirtless dudes and threeway kisses.


Chozen, The White Gay Rapper – “Murder, Sex” Video

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A gay white rapper talking that murder murder, kill kill...and zombie sex, of course.


The Infamous Gay Rapper Finally Has A Name & Face

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Ready or not, rap world, here comes Chozen.

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