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Whoa: This Interviewer Accidentally Prompted Kristian 'Hodor' Nairn To Publicly Come Out Of The Closet

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Kristian Nairn -- otherwise known as "Hodor" -- gave an interview to WinterIsComing.net, in which he candidly revealed himself to be homosexual. HODOR!

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George Takei Makes Twitter A Better Place


Anyone with a Twitter account should be following <a href="http://twitter.com/georgetakei">George Takei</a>, who famously played Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, and yet of the millions of people Tweeting, only 170,000 are following him.


Week In Review: Television Will Never Be The Same Again


As a child I was taught never to laugh at anyone's misfortunes, but then 20 years later YouTube came along blew that whole idea to smithereens.

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