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‘Battlecry’ Finally Lets You Disembowel 32 Of Your Closest Friends

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'Battlecry' encourages the use of steampunk violence on your friends. Because really, don't they deserve it?


Oh Canada, Where Two Hockey Bros Can Fight Each Other And Then High Five

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During a recent NAHL game, Joël Thériault and Gaby Roch tried to decapitate each other with their fists and then hugged it out for sportsmanship.


Iowa’s Zach McCabe Displayed Proper Hip Toss Etiquette Against Michigan State


With his team down by 15, Iowa's Zach McCabe took his frustrations out on Michigan State's Travis Trice by throwing him to the ground.


Just The Brutal Parts: TV’s 10 Most Violent Deaths

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A collection of the 10 most brutal murders on TV, including selections from "Deadwood," "The Wire," and "Sons of Anarchy."

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Oh, No Big Deal, Just A Montage Of All The Deaths From Season Two Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Here is a montage of all the deaths from Season 2 of 'Game of Thrones.' God, that was a fun sentence to write. Have a great Thursday.

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Spielberg’s Next…”Robopocalypse”?


Spielberg and robots have kind of a rough history.


“Hobo With a Shotgun”: The Game?


"Grindhouse" was two pretty flawed movies with a collection of trailers for movies that were potentially awesome thrown in, and the great part is, those movies are actually happening.

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