AMC Is Developing An All-Horror Movie Streaming Service

In the vein of it's long running Fear Fest at Halloween, AMC is launching a brand new streaming service for horror films.


Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Is Bloated, Racist, And (Somehow) Still A Masterpiece


With a new movie adaptation in the works, we look back at Stephen King’s most beloved novel, and why Hollywood is destined to ruin it.

sarah sprague

Josh Cribbs’s First Feature Film Has A Movie Poster: THE MURDERS OF BRANDYWINE THEATER


Image via Eddy Spaghetti Productions Josh Cribbs has more than a new contract in Oakland to celebrate, the independent horror film THE MURDERS OF BRANDYWINE THEATER he stars in with wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, Martin Klebba (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, "Scrubs" and Dian Bachar (BASEKETBALL, "South Park", "Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place") and no less than Les Claypool of Primus as the voice of Moxxy released its first movie post this week.

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