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Here’s A Trailer For A Horror Movie Written And Directed By A Kick Ass 14-Year-Old Girl

By | 6 Comments

A plucky 14-year-old girl fulfilled her dream of making a '1980s-style slasher flick' with a little help from Kickstarter and her dad.

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Here Are Some Easy IKEA Instructions On How To Assemble Your Favorite Horror Movie Killers

By | 2 Comments

If you've ever wondered what it would be like if IKEA sold horror characters instead of horse meat and furniture, here's your chance.


The Only Thing Scary About The New ‘Ouija’ Trailer Is That This Movie Was Made

By | 10 Comments

The second trailer for the Michael Bay-produced 'Ouija' reveals the same stale scares from the first trailer, but with more eye rolling.


Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival Happens This Weekend And WWE’s Goldust Is In It

By | 8 Comments

The first Bruce Campbell's Horror Film Festival happens during Wizard World Chicago this weekend, features WWE's Goldust in MEET ME THERE.


WWE Released Trailers for ‘See No Evil 2′ And ‘Leprechaun Origins’ During SDCC

By | 10 Comments

WWE debuts two trailers for original horror productions while promoting the films at San Diego Comic Con.


Please Allow The Trailer For ‘V/H/S Viral’ To Scare The Bejesus Out Of You

By | 17 Comments

The trailer for 'V/H/S Viral' shows us the horrifying things that happen when idiots try to become the next viral video stars.


The 12 Highest Rated Horror Films On Netflix Streaming

By | 55 Comments

Sex-crazed teenagers beware, Netflix is full of chainsaw-wielding psychos with an unquenchable blood-lust.


Pat Robertson Blames Pornography For Opening Our Doors To Demons

By | 35 Comments

When asked if watching a horror movie caused a woman to get in a car accident, Pat Robertson claimed that demon possessions are caused by watching porn.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Lovely Ladies Of ‘Zombeavers’

By | 5 Comments

And by "everything" we mean which beauty pageants they've won and which straight-to-DVD movies they've been killed in.


Here’s The Trailer For ‘Zombeavers’, Destined To Be The Greatest Movie Of 2014

By | 23 Comments

The trailer for the campy horror film 'Zombeavers' is probably going to make your day 1,000 times better.


Of Course Kevin Smith Is Getting In On The Krampus Fad

By | 7 Comments

Kevin Smith's retirement continues apace with yet another movie.


Here’s The First Trailer For ‘Oculus’ Starring The Wonderful Karen Gillan

By | 9 Comments

'Oculus' is a horror movie about a haunted mirror, but it stars Karen Gillan so it's automatically going to be wonderful.


‘Nurse 3D’ Uses 3D Cinema To Its Obvious End

By | 8 Comments

Want to see Cerie Xerox and Lucy Danziger have a drunken hookup? Because that's the selling point of 'Nurse 3D!'


This Horror Movie Tribute Is Sure To Get Your Severed Toes Tapping

By | 14 Comments

Supercut extraordinaire Robert Jones is back with this excellent horror movie mashup.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Was Freddy Krueger For Halloween, Partied With Lindsay Lohan

By | 7 Comments

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. attended a Halloween party as Freddy Krueger and hung out with Lindsay Lohan. The horror!


Halloween Supercut: Cars never work in horror movies

By | 9 Comments

You think it's hard to get your car to work now, try it when there's a masked man chasing you with a butcher knife. In this new supercut, Engine Trouble, from our friend Oliver Noble, we learn that car engines just have a way of going to shit in horror movies.

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From Bad To Worst: Every ‘Horror Franchise IN SPACE!’ Movie Ranked

By | 22 Comments

Horror movies going to space is never as great an idea as you'd hope...

so bad it's good

The Horror Anti-Masterpieces: Five Great Bad Horror Movies

By | 50 Comments

Bad horror movies can be almost as great as good ones. Here are five of our favorites.

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Why Are There Barely Any Horror Movies This Halloween?

By | 32 Comments

2013 has been great for horror movies... but there's barely any of them coming out around Halloween.


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Monster Brawl’

By | 14 Comments

Yesterday, my contribution to 73 Sports Movies In 73 Days was a <a href="" target="_blank">lengthy retrospective on 'Best of the Best,'</a> the 1989 Taekwondo classic I sincerely name as one of my favorite cheesy movies of all time.

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