This Brewery Had A Hilarious Response To Indiana’s Mandatory Food Service Requirement

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Responding to a mandatory food service requirement, this brewery came up with a menu no one would ever want to order from.


Keith Hernandez Got Nice And Pervy While A Woman Ate A $25 Hot Dog

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During last night's Mets broadcast, Keith Hernandez made a hilariously awful joke about a female fan that led to some awkward silence.


The Arizona Diamondbacks Are Already Running Out Of Giant $25 Corn Dogs

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The Arizona Diamondbacks are already facing a shortage of D-Bat Dogs, the $25, 18-inch corndog stuffed with cheese, bacon and jalapeños.


Hot Dog Enthusiasts Demand Satisfaction In the Form Of A Hot Dog Emoji

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The general manager of the Superdawg Drive-In in Wheeling, IL, is leading the charge to get a hot dog icon added into the Emoji lexicon.


The Arizona Diamondbacks Want To Kill You Where You Sit With A $25 Corndog

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Meet the D-Bat Dog, a $25 corndog from the Arizona Diamondbacks that reaches 18 inches and is stuffed with cheese, bacon and jalapeños.


Oscar Mayer Wants To Give You The Keys To The Wienermobile For Eight Hours

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With the right Tweet, you can win a lease for the Oscar Mayer 2014 Wienermobile to use as you see fit for eight hours.


Emmy Rossum Has A Dirty Mind, Is Easily Distracted By Sexy Hot Dog Slogans

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Suggestive advertising slogans become even more suggestive once they enter Emmy Rossum's brain.

Takeru Kobayashi

Kobayashi Took On Portland State’s Cheerleaders In A Wiener Eating Contest

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To promote the basketball team's season tickets, Portland State had Takeru Kobayashi compete against cheerleaders in a hot dog eating contest.


Summertime Instagram Creeping Has Been Forever Trolled By Hot Dog Legs

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Important Question: Are those legs or hot dogs you've been salivating over on Instagram?


A Minor League Team Wants Fans To Tweet Their Hot Dogs For Anthony Weiner

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Oh how Minor League Baseball loves courting controversy with the most salacious of promotional events.


Stop The Presses! Bacon Hot Dogs Are Coming To A Store Near You!

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We would like to take a quick break from our regularly scheduled postings to bring attention to Oscar Mayer's newest creation: <a href=",0,6435218.story">Bacon Dogs</a>.


The McCovey Cove Hot Dog Kayak Is The Most American Thing Ever

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The World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are one of the hottest teams in all of baseball today, as they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3 yesterday to complete a three-game sweep of their rivals and reclaim a one-game lead over the Colorado Rockies in the National League West.


A Weekend Of Sports At Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

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Austin, Texas, has 8-10 festivals every weekend, but this weekend was a big one: the 7th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest, featuring a reunited Run DMC, everyone from Public Image Ltd to X to f**king Kreayshawn and a cannon that shoots tacos.


The 2012 ‘Running Of The Wieners’ Is Something That You Should Watch

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I’m going to stir some controversy today that doesn’t involve the NFL, because I’m a button-pusher, but I’m honest.

terrible puns

To Celebrate America's Independence, Here's 10 Minutes Of Guys Eating Hot Dogs

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You know you're in dangerous territory when the mascot starts facepalming.


Marilyn Hagerty Takes New York, Reviews Hot Dog Cart

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It's been a week since elderly North Dakota-based food reviewer Marilyn Hagerty <a href="">took the internet by storm</a> with <a href="">her polite review of the new Olive Garden</a> in Grand Forks.


The Only Way To Beat Kobayashi Is To Cheat

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On Tuesday, Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas won the Wild Turkey 81 Eating World Championship with a <a href="">world record 5.25 pounds of turkey downed in ten minutes</a>.

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