Keith Olbermann Wants Everybody To Cool It With The Derek Jeter Worship

By | 36 Comments

As everyone in baseball continues to treat Derek Jeter like a deity, Keith Olbermann thinks that people need to get a grip already.


Here Are The 5 NBA Teams There’s No Way In Hell LeBron James Will Play For Next

By | 63 Comments

LeBron James will soon be deciding where to take his talents. We'll leave others to speculate where that may be, but here's where he WON'T be going.


The NCAA Has A Soul And Will Let Boise State Help Antoine Turner Immediately

By | 22 Comments

After a local news story exposed the hardships faced by Boise State RB Antoine Turner, the NCAA allowed the school to assist him now.


Boomer Esiason Has A Problem With Daniel Murphy Taking Maternity Leave, People Have A Problem With Boomer

By | 24 Comments

Boomer Esiason is raising the bar for HOT SPORTS TAKES this week with his ridiculous opinion on Daniel Murphy's maternity leave.


Jay Mariotti's Screed About Obama's Bracket Picks Is His Hottest Hunk Of Horse Crap Yet

By | 34 Comments

Irrelevant and washed up sports columnist Jay Mariotti has turned to bashing President Obama's NCAA Tourney picks for page views.


Frotcast 195: Grantland’s Andrew Sharp On Trolling Sports Fans

By | 5 Comments

Grantland's Andrew Sharp explains his sports writer trolling, and Matt Lieb does comedy at City Hall.

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