Japan Is Building A New Hotel That Will Be Staffed Completely By Robots

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Henn-na Hotel (which translates into "Strange Hotel) will feature 10 robots, including three "actroid" receptionists.


Hotels Can No Longer Ban Your Wi-Fi

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The FCC comes down on the side of wireless hotspots in hotels.


The World’s Greatest Hotel Concierge Surprised A Guest With Nic Cage Pictures

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Per her request, a very wonderful San Antonio concierge left pictures of Nicolas Cage in a woman's hotel room.


A Man Was Banned From A Hilton Hotel For Life Over A Really Bad Penis Joke

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Thanks to a pretty dumb trouser snake joke on his online reservation, a man was banned from a Hilton in the UK by a 'fuddy-duddy' manager.


Donald Trump’s Old Post Office Hotel In Washington DC Can’t Have A Strip Club

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According to the rules laid out in the 319-page leasing agreement, Donald Trump cannot have a strip club at his new Old Post Office Pavilion hotel.


Hotel Made of Salt


This lavish hotel in Bolivia is made entirely from one million blocks of salt.


We All Need To Start Demanding Hotels Stop Charging For Internet Service. Immediately.

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Because I've spent the last few years living between two cities (New York and New Orleans) people frequently visit, I'm often asked for recommendations on, among other things, hotels.


Just How Dirty Is Your Hotel Room?


The fine people at Trip Advisor have released their 2011 list of the dirtiest hotels in America, based on the online recommendations - or in this case terrible criticisms - by the poor souls who have had to find out the hard way.

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