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Jimmy Fallon Parodies Netflix With ‘House Of Cue Cards’ Featuring A Very Special Cameo At The End

By | 7 Comments

A top notch parody of 'House of Cards' on Netflix that features one super special cameo at the end of the video.


Say Goodbye To Your Sexy Thoughts About Kevin Spacey And Julia Louis-Dreyfus

By | 12 Comments

Kevin Spacey is on the cover of "EW" as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and vice versa. It's horrifying.


Here Are The Best Twitter Reactions To The Announcement Of This Year’s Emmy Nominees

By | 18 Comments

Let's check in with some of our favorite television actors and actresses to see how they reacted to their nominations, shall we?


Kevin Spacey Stopped In The Middle Of A Play To Yell About A Ringing Cellphone

By | 13 Comments

He might've been playing Clarence Darrow, but there was no defending the poor cellphone etiquette of this audience member.


The Clintons Binge-Watched ‘House Of Cards,’ Which Must Have Been Super Weird For The Clintons

By | 8 Comments

"House of Cards" is a show about a powerful Southern politician who is married to an ambitious, smart woman. And the similarities DON'T END THERE.


10 Current TV Shows With Opening Credit Sequences That You Just Can’t Skip Over

By | 127 Comments

Many shows have opening credits that you just skip because they're in the way. Others are so good that you have to to watch them every time.


This Baby Dressed As Walter White, Rust Cohle, And Other TV Favorites Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

By | 11 Comments

Photographer Karen Abad dressed baby Olivia as characters from Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, House of Cards, and more.


Here's The 'House Of Cards' Meets 'The Walking Dead' Mashup You Didn't Know You Needed

By | 2 Comments

A mashup between "House of Cards" and "The Walking Dead"? Please, and thank you.


Lex Luthors Kevin Spacey And Michael Rosenbaum Weigh In On Jesse Eisenberg

By | 8 Comments

Previous Lex Luthor actors Kevin Spacey and Michael Rosenbaum give their opinion on Jesse Eisenberg portraying the character in 'Batman Versus Superman'.


Check Out The Best Images From The ‘House Of Cards’-Bread Mashup Tumblr: House Of Carbs

By | 2 Comments

'House of Carbs' takes everything you love about 'House of Cards' and throws some bread into the mix!


Here Are The Most Ridiculous GIFs From ‘House Of Cards’ Season Two

By | 24 Comments

A look back at some of the crazier moments from season two of 'House of Cards'


Stream Them if You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, Feb 21st, 2014

By | 16 Comments

Superstar film critic Laremy Legel is back to tell you what movies you should watch on Netflix Instant and streaming tonight/this weekend.


The 7 Highest Rated Political Offerings On Netflix To Satisfy Your ‘House Of Cards’ Withdrawal


If you've already burned through season 2 of 'House Of Cards,' Netflix has you covered with some other political offerings worth streaming.

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