The Opening Credits For David Shore’s ‘Battle Creek’ Are Actually Pretty Cool

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From Vince Gilligan and 'House' Creator David Shore, the opening credits to 'Battle Creek' have us intrigued.


Hugh Laurie Will Officially Join ‘Veep’ For ‘Several Episodes’ Next Season

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He could be Julia Louis-Dreyfus's new Vice President, campaign manager, or the 'Veep' version of Malcolm f*cking Tucker.


All The Ways Dr. House M.D. Was Really Sherlock Holmes

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It's been ten years since the series premiere. Let's look back on how House is the real modern Sherlock Holmes.

Behold, Every Episode Of ‘House’ Summed Up With A Single GIF

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What we already knew is now even more painfully, hilariously obvious.


These Actors Auditioned So Well That Television Roles Were Changed To Suit Them

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Ten instances in which a television character was changed to suit the actor.


5 More Places You May Have Seen Sarah Clarke, The ’24’ Actress Jon Hamm Went To Prom With

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Sarah Clarke is most famous for her role on '24' (and the recent revelation that she was Jon Hamm's prom date). Here's what else you might know her from.


Spoiler Recaps of the Finales to 12 Network TV Series You May Have Stopped Watching

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Watching TV can be so damn time consuming, and especially where it concerns network television, it's often not worth it.


After 8 Years, Gregory House, M.D. Will Rule Out His Last Lupus Diagnosis

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Bummer news for those who still watch Fox's "House," the medical procedural unofficially and loosely based on Sherlock Holmes, as the show has been canceled, effective at the end of the season.

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NBC Picks Up More Pilots that No One Will Watch

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NBC, which placed 8th in the ratings last Thursday during "The Firm" (behind even Univision) has picked up several new pilots in an effort to dig itself out of its years' long hole.


2011’s Most Popular TV Torrent Searches Prove Something We’ve Known All Along

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TorrentFreak released their list of the 50 most searched phrases on torrent site Kat.


Behind the Scenes: ‘House’ in Prison

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Embedded below is a behind-the-scenes featurette on the eighth season of "House," which premieres next Monday.


‘House’ Goes to Prison

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Season 7 of "House" ended with everyone's favorite grumpy, pill-addicted genius crashing his car into Cuddy's home, then fleeing to some undisclosed hideaway.


Fox Cancels ‘Chicago Code’, Christmas, Everything Else

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Fox cleaned house last night: Shawn Ryan's promising police drama "The Chicago Code" was just one of several series to get the axe as the network laid the groundwork for a revamped schedule in the fall.

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Video: Olivia Wilde Knees Damon Lindelof in the Groin on ‘House’

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Last night marked the return of Olivia Wilde to "House" as dangerous mysterious beautiful bisexual genius doctor Thirteen -- easily one of the most realistic TV characters ever created.


What’s on Tonight: Olivia Wilde Is Back!

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House (Fox) -- Olivia Wilde returns as Thirteen in the show's 150th episode.


Fox Developing ‘Bones’ Spinoff

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Fox is working on a potential spinoff of forensics procedural "Bones.

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