A Brief History Of Turning The Hoverboard Into A Reality


Thirty years of experiments and ideas are making the hoverboard real...but it took some serious physics to make it happen.


Tony Hawk Took A Hoverboard For A Spin And This Time It’s Not A Mean Prank


The people at Hendo invited Tony Hawk to come test the hoverboard that they've been raising funds for on Kickstarter.


At Long Last, Scientists Have Produced A Real, Functioning Hoverboard

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It hovers, it's a board, you can stand on it... yep, hoverboards are real.


One Of The Hoverboards From ‘Back To The Future II’ Is Going Up For Auction

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Later this year, a movie theater in London will be auctioning an actual Hoverboard used by Michael J. Fox in 'Back to the Future II.'

Power laces

Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield Promises Us ‘Back To The Future II’ Power Laces In 2015

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Remember those 'Back to the Future 2' shoes that came out recently? No power laces. That will change, SOON.

Université Paris Diderot

Hoverboards Are Real; Effing Sweet (Videos)

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I often fantasize about being Prince having an accent.


Nike Patents Back To The Future Shoes


Pictured: fan-made prototype.


Why Hello There, Hoverboard

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Hoverboards, how do they work.

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