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These Fake TV Holidays Are Way More Fun Than Valentine’s Day

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Here are 10 fake TV holidays that are a whole lot more fun than Valentine’s Day.

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The Most Pirated TV Show Of 2014 Shouldn’t Be Much Of A Surprise

By | 9 Comments

Did Rick Grimes finally knock 'Game of Thrones' off its iron throne?


Here Are 7 Movies And TV Shows That Took Aim At North Korea Without Incident

By | 33 Comments

Now that it's been confirmed North Korea is behind the Sony hack attacks, here are a few more shows and films they might target next.


Before They Were On ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ Neil Patrick Harris Got Naked With Josh Radnor On Stage


Next time you see Barney and Ted on 'How I Met Your Brother,' just picture them dropping trou and swinging their manhood at each other.


The Mystery Of The Pineapple On ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Was Finally Solved

By | 15 Comments

One of the biggest mysteries on "How I Met Your Mother" was finally solved.

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Dear TV Executives, Please Don’t Ever Make Spin-Offs About These Characters

By | 55 Comments

All this talk about a Bud Bundy TV show has us terrified that other TV characters could end up getting their own ill-advised spin-offs.


Here’s That Official Alternate ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ending That Totally Fixes Everything (UPDATED)

By | 31 Comments

This official alternate ending for 'How I Met Your Mother' should either make you completely happy or open up old wounds to ruin your day.


Science Says That ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Has Turned Us Into Soulless, Blackhearted Cynics

By | 24 Comments

A (flawed) study suggests that shows like 'How I Met Your Mother' make us less likely to believe in true love.


Yes, Neil Patrick Harris Was Offered ‘The Late Show,’ And No, He Doesn’t Like Being Called ‘Doogie’

By | 8 Comments

Read the highlights of a long-ranging interview with Neil Patrick Harris, who discusses everything from 'Doogie Howser' to the Emmys


According To Science, Most People Actually Loved The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale

By | 12 Comments

Wait, what? Minority negative opinion overwhelmed majority positive feeling. ON THE INTERNET? No way!


Neil Patrick Harris Supported The Ending Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ And Would Happily Still Bang Your Mom

By | 10 Comments

Neil Patrick Harris took a break from yelling at people on Broadway to talk 'HIMYM' With David Letterman.


‘How I Met Your Mother’ May Get A Happier Ending For Fans On DVD, But Should It?

By | 32 Comments

A real alternate ending may be coming for 'How I Met Your Mother' on DVD, but should we even be getting another ending?

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Ten Of Television’s Best Moments In NARM

By | 18 Comments

Narm: Tragic moments in television history that, divorced from their context, are hilarious moments in television history.

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