A Braves Fan Caught A Foul Ball With His Face Last Night And Here Is The Glorious GIF

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This goes without saying but you shouldn't watch a foul ball with your face. It's a bad idea.


Matt Joyce Is Assassinating Astros Fans With Well-Placed Foul Balls


If you are a Houston Astros fan at Minute Maid Park (one of the illustrious 15 or so in attendance), Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Matt Joyce is not afraid to sink your battleship.


Hell Hath No Fury Like A Child Whose Dad Missed A Foul Ball

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Back in July of 2011, Burnsy answered the question, "How do you declare the villain in a foul ball dispute?" The examination covered a lot of variables -- children throwing tantrums, grown men stealing foul balls from teenage girls, kids trying to get a soccer ball up over a fence and having it stolen from them at the last second by a randomly-occurring jerk -- but it never mentioned the touchiest of foul ball subjects: the dad who tries, but fails.


It’s All Fun And Games Until A Little Kid Starts Crying At The College World Series

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While Mississippi State was putting the finishing touches on a come-from-behind 5-4 win over Indiana at the College World Series in Omaha, one family was making a memory that would last a lifetime as a young girl proudly snagged herself her very first foul ball.


Trash Arguing About Garbage

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Foul balls -- people who want them, and the fatter, meaner people who end up taking them -- have become an important topic of discussion at With Leather.


The Great Foul Ball Debate: How Do You Declare The Real Villain?

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There's been a very unexpected yet quite spectacular trend brewing in Major League Baseball this season - foul ball thievery.


Lesson Learned: Pout Until You Get What You Want

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I came close to catching a foul ball at a Major League Baseball game once in my life.


This Week In Women Hit By Foul Balls

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While the world awaits the inevitable Tosh.


Who Says Chivalry’s Dead In Houston?

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It's a tale as old as time - boy meets girl, boy courts girl, boy takes girl to Houston Astros game, boy turns hat sideways, batter hits foul ball, boy moves out of way, ball hits girl.

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