How To Ship Your Gifts Without Them Getting Destroyed

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If you're shipping gifts, here's why you should use a credit card. And also a cooler.


How-To Make A How-To Video About How-To Cook Hard Boiled Eggs


For everyone struggling to film themselves cooking eggs.

‘How to Insert a Tampon’ is an important video + The Morning Links

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Maybe you think inserting tampons isn't a skill you need to have, Mostly Male Readers.


How To Twerk: The Definitive Instructional Video

By | 2 Comments

YouTube teaches us how to dance like the children with "How To Twerk," the definitive instructional guide.


An Illustrated Guide To Becoming The Next Pope

By | 4 Comments

How the hell does one become the pope? Well, here ya go. You're welcome!

beginner's guides

Gamma Squad’s Ultimate Guide To Comics For Beginners, Part Three: The Big Four Publishers

By | 18 Comments

Here are the four biggest publishers in comics, in terms of reputation, what they tend to publish, and how they work.

gym guy

This Guy Is An Expert At Picking Up Ladies At The Gym

By | 4 Comments

Also important and covered in this video: how to properly dump a chick at the gym. Totally useful knowledge.


How to Block Those Annoying Political Posts on Facebook


If you just can't take the political posts (and the endless debates that come with them) in your Facebook feed any longer, here's how you can essentially block them from ever appearing again.

Digital News

Dear Struggling Rapper, Here Are 5 Easy Steps To Success


Words: <a href="">Chris Deline</a> | <a href="">@ChrisDeLine</a> “I don’t think there’s any magic key to promotion — you send emails, you manage your web presence, you cultivate your email list or Facebook page or whatever, you hand out flyers, you do the same stuff people have been doing for years now; the real key happens before all of that,” explained Minneapolis-based MC and two-time National Poetry Slam champion <a href="">Guante</a>.


The 8 People Every Successful Rapper Needs On The Team

By | 23 Comments

The concept of DIY has been abused to send people down the wrong roads of professionalism.

cord cutting

Cable TV Is So Over: A Quick Guide to Cutting the Cord

By | 8 Comments

So, you hate paying $100 or more a month for cable, <a href="">especially since the price will keep going up year after year</a>.

Desk Jobs

Hungover At Work: A Guide To Pulling It Together On The Job

By | 6 Comments

With these simple steps, you too can appear a pillar of corporate professionalism.

Dating advice

How to Get Your Partner Interested in Videogames

By | 12 Comments

According to a recent <a href="">study</a>, sixty three percent of the US population plays video-games.

Computer Technology

How To Build Your Own Computer

By | 6 Comments

Computers are one of the least intuitive and most poorly understood technologies to enter into wide use, second only to the microwave.


How to Throw A LAN Party

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<a href=""></a>A LAN party is an event in which a number of geeks (for example: you) gather up their beloved computers, consoles, dangerous beverages, and favorite tabletop games, and get together for a good old-fashioned evening of unadulterated geekery.

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