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Here’s The Traumatic True Story Behind Why Howie Mandel Has An Irrational Fear Of Germs

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Howie Mandel's fear of germs dates back to a disgusting incident from his childhood.

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People Who Work At ‘America’s Got Talent’ Watch Internet Porn Too


I know, I know -- you've probably been thinking for the longest time that America's Got Talent is one of the last bastions of wholesome goodness, morality and virtue left in the entertainment world.


Aw, Poor Tron Guy

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Jay Maynard, better known on the Internet as Tron Guy, appeared on "America's Got Talent" last night when the show rolled through Houston (video below).


Does Tron Guy Have What It Takes For America’s Got Talent?


If by "what it takes" we mean "man cameltoe and a butt like a CD case", then yes, he has plenty of what "America's Got Talent" -- nay, America itself -- needs.

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The Emmys happened last night, and if you were lucky enough not to watch, I'll give you the recap.

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