Just How Fat Is Your Pet Gonna Get?


The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and Banfield Pet Hospital teamed up for a national survey involving our beloved pet dogs and cats, and the results were quite shocking.


You Down With HPV?

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<a href=""> Never underestimate the power of advertising. Don't doubt a minute that a quick blurb, buzz in your ear can't persuade or influence brain activity. One minute, you think you're about to be thoroughly entertained by back episodes of Modern Family and the next, your curiosity has been heightened by a commercial spot for an apparent freak of nature; a STD that gets transmitted without the sex. What kind of human-hating, vile, apocalyptic organism could this be? Surely, the name HPV rings bells, or not. With so many naughty H's in the land of milk & honey such as hepatitis, herpes and the grand dragon: the HIV, the human papillomavirus (told you it hated life) can often get grouped in or largely ignored all together. So what makes HPV...HPV? Condoms not being foolproof are only one of the many oddities associated with the disease. Check out a few zingers courtesy of <a href=""></a>.

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