The Casting Call For ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Has Offended The Internet

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A sexist and racist 'Straight Outta Compton' casting call has the internet vomiting outrage.


Watch Stephen Colbert Take On The Huffington Post’s Article About Child Reincarnation

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The Huffington Post recently published an article on the past lives of children. it is insane. Stephen Colbert weighed in.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Really Doesn’t Like ‘Girls’… Wait, What?

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When I was a child, I loathed the very thought of broccoli and mushrooms, despite having never tried either.

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Shocking Site News: We’re Perverts

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I have a shocking and incredible news flash for you – people love attractive female athletes.


James Franco Finally Weighs In On 'Girls' Via His Huffington Post Blog

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When we last checked in on unwitting performance artist James Franco's HuffPo blog, he was channeling his inner Mark Twain to share his penetrating observations about New Orleans with the world ("Basically, New Orleans is an amusement park where you can get killed.

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James Franco Is Blogging About New Orleans For The Huffington Post, Apparently

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Throughout New Orleans' 300 year history, noted men of letters have tried to capture the city's essence in words -- and few have succeeded.

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Larry David Thought The Huffington Post Was A ‘Terrible Idea’


The new issue of Vanity Fair arrived in my mailbox earlier today and I could help but read the entirety of this issue's story on the Huffington Post, with particular focus on how the site came to be.

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3.21 The Cooler

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